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Purveyors of dark folk, a Sydney duo with a lyrical appetite for the contradictions that sit in the cracks in normality, music that sinks rather than settles. Musically they sit in a softly shaded folky part of the woods, with nylon string guitar, bowed acoustic bass and sporadic banjo and mandolin.

8.30 pm Friday Curtain Fig Stage

12.30 pm Saturday Children’s Festival

10.45 am Saturday Pub Ballroom

7.45 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe


Ungus Ungus Ungus


Hold onto your hats as these peddlers of vaudevillian psychedelia, strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dance and mayhem. This is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined. Featuring mind-tickling on-stage antics and a bold visual presence, their cosmic circus includes a vintage cabaret dancer who sings and raps, a bass player doubling as a strongman, and a ringleader who leaps between keys, vocals, guitar, and synchronised dance.

10 pm Friday Community Hall

11.30 am Saturday Children’s Festival

4.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11 pm Saturday Community Hall

Totally Gourdgeous

Totally GordgeousMelbourne

Four outrageously diverse singer/songwriters playing guitar, bass, violin, mandolin and drum, all made from gourds. Songs of punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity, love, fellowship and environmental sanity. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley’s pumpkin patch.

11 pm Friday Garden Stage

9 pm Saturday Garden Stage

12 noon Sunday Garden Stage

3.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall- workshop

The Timbers

The Timbers

Thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. They rollick and hammer their way through live gigs with abundant energy with an infectious desire to take their audience on a wild ride of nonstop musical passion.

11 pm Friday Community Hall

1 pm Saturday Community Hall – workshop

9 pm Saturday Community Hall

3 pm Sunday Garden Stage


The Montgomery Brothers

The Montgomery Brothers

Guitar & Ukulele virtuoso, child prodigy Ryo Montgomery accompanied by this bunch of school kids, yes, school kids, play with a maturity that is usually associated with artists who have decades of experience. This will simply leave you breathless…

11 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

SPECIAL EVENT – Ryo only Pub Garden – Young Masters

3.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

TMB Debut Album:

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The Good Girl Song Project

The Good Girl Song Project

With a merry crew of musicians invited from the festival program and songs and stories devised from eyewitness accounts, Penny Larkins and Helen Begley recount the story of a voyage taken by young women to Australia in the 1830’s. The show follows their journey from Gravesend to Sydney. The theatrical piece is based on the academic work of historian, Liz Rushen.

9.30 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

1.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11.30 am Sunday CWA – workshop

2.15 pm Sunday Quincan Café


Stu Harcourt

Stu Harcourt

Stu has been a travelling musician for most part of the last 20 years or so, his unique vocal ability, compelling lyrics and earthy, acoustic grooves have continued to delight audiences around Australia and the World.

10.15 am Friday Pub Ballroom

11.45 am Saturday Quincan Café

7 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage



Rosie Burgess Trio

Rosie Burgess Trio

Sliding from folk to blues to gypsy-roots, the trio cross more genres than state borders, giving off “more energy than an illegally sparked firecracker” [Drum], whilst still maintaining their unmistakable flavour. 2017 Festival favourites we welcome them back with open arms.

10 pm Friday Garden Stage

11 am Saturday Community Hall – workshop

4.30 pm Saturday Pub Lounge

SPECIAL EVENT- 10 am Sunday Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle

1 pm Sunday St Mark’s Church – workshop

3 pm Sunday Pub Lounge

Penny Larkins & Carl Pannuzzo

Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzi

Truthful and engaging storytelling through song, presence, distinctive yet borderless harmonies, piano, guitar or ukulele. Penny and Carl create exceptional live events, intimately weaving the listener into trust with considered graceful sounds, world class musicianship and humour. Breathes air into your lungs.

3.45 pm Saturday Children’s Festival

4.30 pm Saturday CWA – workshop

10.15 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

Mark Cryle & Carmel Newman

Mark Kryle and Carmel Newman

Celtic music with an Australian accent for the head, the heart and the feet. Combining their skills into a rich and enticing blend – delivered live with flair and humour by this superb guitar/ fiddle/double vocal combo. Songs, tunes and stories old and new which explore Australia’s Celtic connections.

7.45 pm Friday Obi’s Garden Vibe

7.45 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

9.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

10.30 am Sunday CWA – workshop

1 pm Sunday Pub Ballroom


Junkyard Beats

Junkyard Beats

Delivering an explosive and unforgettable show, all their instruments are self-made out of recycled materials. In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into musical instruments that create a booty shaking, toe-tapping, electric atmosphere that makes you want to get up and move!

7 pm Friday Garden Stage

9 pm Friday Community Hall

12 noon Saturday Community Hall – workshop

11 pm Saturday Garden Stage

women in docs

women in docs

Much-loved semi local, independent, champagne folk act, women in docs, are known for their raw, exciting, upbeat sounds, well-considered and just plain funny lyrics, crisp, acoustic guitar and soaring harmonies. At the festival this year as a four piece band.

10 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11 am Sunday St Mark’s Church – workshop

1 pm Sunday Garden Stage


Daniel J Townsend

Daniel J Townsend

Born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, the descendant of a convict girl and her employer. Poet, folk musician and dilettante historian, he has been singing stories ever since. Expect songs and stories, deep thoughts and scuba gear humour.

12.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

9.15 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

SPECIAL EVENT10 am Sunday Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle

1.15 pm Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe