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Harp Duo

Harp Duo
Natalia Mann and Joy Zahner – Harp Duo

Lose yourself in the luscious sounds of these resonant instruments, enticed from their ancient roots into a space of delicious arrangements and improvisation. Local harpists Natalia and Joy enjoy having fun with all types of music.

12.15 pm Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe

Joe Gleeson

Joe GleesonYungaburra local and well known on the Tablelands as a singer/guitarist, Joe has performed at most venues in the area and is also a regular busker in Atherton. Performing a tribute to Harry Chapin, including Cat’s in The Cradle, Circles, Taxi and more.

4.30 pm Sat Quincan Café

12.15 pm Sunday Quincan Café

Running with Blue

Running With BlueAfter years of festival chalk boards and backyard jams, Running With Blue are bringing their sensory soundscape to the main stage.

This eclectic world music 4 piece features Nada’s Middle Eastern infused vocals, the inner workings of Matty Blue’s ambidextrous multi-instrumentalism, the jazzwank fusion improvisations of Matty Sax and Partyboy Percussion bringing enough sparkle to enthral even the most forlorn festival goer.

11 am Saturday Garden Stage

8 pm Saturday Garden Stage

10.45 am Sunday Garden Stage


Tablelands and Cairns

Celebrating the beauty of A Capella songs from all around the world – from Africa to Russia, from Scotland to Papua New Guinea – as well as Gospel and contemporary songs from closer to home.

12.30 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

12 noon Sunday St Mark’s Church – workshop

What a fun time

Posted by Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre on Saturday, December 10, 2016



Purveyors of dark folk, a Sydney duo with a lyrical appetite for the contradictions that sit in the cracks in normality, music that sinks rather than settles. Musically they sit in a softly shaded folky part of the woods, with nylon string guitar, bowed acoustic bass and sporadic banjo and mandolin.

8.30 pm Friday Curtain Fig Stage

12.30 pm Saturday Children’s Festival

10.45 am Saturday Pub Ballroom

7.45 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe


Ungus Ungus Ungus


Hold onto your hats as these peddlers of vaudevillian psychedelia, strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dance and mayhem. This is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined. Featuring mind-tickling on-stage antics and a bold visual presence, their cosmic circus includes a vintage cabaret dancer who sings and raps, a bass player doubling as a strongman, and a ringleader who leaps between keys, vocals, guitar, and synchronised dance.

10 pm Friday Community Hall

11.30 am Saturday Children’s Festival

4.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11 pm Saturday Community Hall

Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie PadmoreTablelands

Now playing music as a recreational pastime, Local Yungaburra Aboriginal Community Elder Uncle Laurie played guitar throughout childhood, progressing to Country/Country Rock Bands in Tassie for 20 years.  Uncle Laurie now has the opportunity to play covers of the instrumental greats at the festival this year.

SPECIAL EVENT– 6 pm Friday Garden Stage -Welcome to Country

2.30 pm Saturday Quincan Cafe

Totally Gourdgeous

Totally GordgeousMelbourne

Four outrageously diverse singer/songwriters playing guitar, bass, violin, mandolin and drum, all made from gourds. Songs of punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity, love, fellowship and environmental sanity. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley’s pumpkin patch.

11 pm Friday Garden Stage

9 pm Saturday Garden Stage

12 noon Sunday Garden Stage

3.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall- workshop

33 1/3


Townsville’s favourite high energy Celtic Party band. 2012 Regional Winners of ABC TV ‘Exhumed’ band competition. Kick up your heels for some ceiledh crack.

10 am Saturday Quincan Café

1.15 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

2.30 pm Saturday CWA Hall – workshop

7 pm Saturday Community Hall

The Timbers

The Timbers

Thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. They rollick and hammer their way through live gigs with abundant energy with an infectious desire to take their audience on a wild ride of nonstop musical passion.

11 pm Friday Community Hall

1 pm Saturday Community Hall – workshop

9 pm Saturday Community Hall

3 pm Sunday Garden Stage


The Montgomery Brothers

The Montgomery Brothers

Guitar & Ukulele virtuoso, child prodigy Ryo Montgomery accompanied by this bunch of school kids, yes, school kids, play with a maturity that is usually associated with artists who have decades of experience. This will simply leave you breathless…

11 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

SPECIAL EVENT – Ryo only Pub Garden – Young Masters

3.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

TMB Debut Album:

Video Links:

The Magnificence

The Magnificence
Byron Bay

Trumpet player and singer Cam Smith has been honing his set of almost-traditional jazz and New Orleans inspired originals for over a decade, playing at Edinburgh Fringe, Woodford Folk Festival and every pub and street corner from Canberra to Cairns. In the Magnificence, he’s finally found a gang of all-star Aussie musos that can do the tunes justice. They growl, they mewl, they cook – and they make audiences feel better about otherwise questionable life choices.

10 am Saturday Community Hall – workshop

2.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

8 pm Saturday Community Hall

2 pm Sunday Pub Ballroom

The Kroovs

The Kroovs
Pt Douglas

A celebration of all things folk and blues, The Kroovs will take you from the brumby plains of the southern highlands, to a boozer in the hills of Donegal, sail you into the smugglers coves in Cornwall before dumping you on a dusty verandah rocking chair in Virginia to rock away your musical woes.

3.30 pm Saturday Quincan Café

8.45 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

2 pm Sunday Garden Stage

The Good Girl Song Project

The Good Girl Song Project

With a merry crew of musicians invited from the festival program and songs and stories devised from eyewitness accounts, Penny Larkins and Helen Begley recount the story of a voyage taken by young women to Australia in the 1830’s. The show follows their journey from Gravesend to Sydney. The theatrical piece is based on the academic work of historian, Liz Rushen.

9.30 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

1.30 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11.30 am Sunday CWA – workshop

2.15 pm Sunday Quincan Café


Stu Harcourt

Stu Harcourt

Stu has been a travelling musician for most part of the last 20 years or so, his unique vocal ability, compelling lyrics and earthy, acoustic grooves have continued to delight audiences around Australia and the World.

10.15 am Friday Pub Ballroom

11.45 am Saturday Quincan Café

7 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage



Steve Williams

Steve Williams

The big fella writes songs that would make the likes of Neil Finn or Noel Gallagher blush, very catchy, with hooks galore.  A Songwriters Competition winner at the Tablelands Folk Festival, Steve is a talented Cairns local.

7 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

3 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

10.45 am Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe

4.15 Sunday Quincan Café

Rosie Burgess Trio

Rosie Burgess Trio

Sliding from folk to blues to gypsy-roots, the trio cross more genres than state borders, giving off “more energy than an illegally sparked firecracker” [Drum], whilst still maintaining their unmistakable flavour. 2017 Festival favourites we welcome them back with open arms.

10 pm Friday Garden Stage

11 am Saturday Community Hall – workshop

4.30 pm Saturday Pub Lounge

SPECIAL EVENT- 10 am Sunday Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle

1 pm Sunday St Mark’s Church – workshop

3 pm Sunday Pub Lounge

Penny Larkins & Carl Pannuzzo

Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzi

Truthful and engaging storytelling through song, presence, distinctive yet borderless harmonies, piano, guitar or ukulele. Penny and Carl create exceptional live events, intimately weaving the listener into trust with considered graceful sounds, world class musicianship and humour. Breathes air into your lungs.

3.45 pm Saturday Children’s Festival

4.30 pm Saturday CWA – workshop

10.15 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

Michael Laman Thomas

Michael Laman Thomas

Michael sings with a quintessential Australian flavour, his lyrics personal, thoughtful and easy for people of all ages to access. Both his recorded music and live performances are rich in melody and acoustic rhythm delivered by his two main instruments cello and acoustic guitar.

7.45 pm Friday Curtain Fig Stage

10 am Saturday Garden Stage

3.30 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

Mark Cryle & Carmel Newman

Mark Kryle and Carmel Newman

Celtic music with an Australian accent for the head, the heart and the feet. Combining their skills into a rich and enticing blend – delivered live with flair and humour by this superb guitar/ fiddle/double vocal combo. Songs, tunes and stories old and new which explore Australia’s Celtic connections.

7.45 pm Friday Obi’s Garden Vibe

7.45 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

9.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

10.30 am Sunday CWA – workshop

1 pm Sunday Pub Ballroom


Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack

Cairns’ McGinty’s Irish Bar champions incorporating some jigs, some reels, some songs and a fair bit of blarneyThe best box player and the purest tin whistle player and the most recognisable voice in the North paired with Pink Floyd inspired Bass guitar.

2.45 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

SPECIAL EVENT – 10 am Sunday Quincan Café -Mick solo – Festival Song Circle

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs while Kylie provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal’s nutsness. And they won’t repeat a song all festival!

10.45 am Saturday Quincan Café

1.30 pm Saturday Quincan Café

3.30 pm Saturday Quincan Café – workshop

3.15 pm Sunday Quincan Café


Lucky Phil

Lucky Phil

Singer Songwriter featuring Lap slide and acoustic guitars. His songs feature a strong local content and the Americana genre.  Phil was the 2015 winner of the 2015 TFF Songwiting Competition.

7 pm Friday Curtain Fig Stage

2 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

12 noon Sunday Curtain Fig Stage

2.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall – workshop


Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles

Led by Chilean freedom fighter Segundo Nitor, Los Caracoles are known to have everyone on their feet with their authentic Latin rhythms. They tell stories through their music about social challenges, the environment, immigration, love, ordinary heroes and just pure joy.

11.15 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom



Littmus Steampunk Band

Littmus Steampunk Band

A ragtag bunch of time travellers from the great Victorian Age of Exploration and Invention spreading the word about the joys of steam powered machines made of wood, brass and clockwork gears. A mix of electro-acoustic folk ballads and tunes from the Age of Airships all delivered by adventurers impeccably dressed in the grand style of 19th century London.

9 pm Friday Garden Stage

2 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

1.15 pm Sunday Quincan Café

Legends of Perhaps

Legends of Perhaps

This band of brothers and sisters play a mix of fun, quirky songs, melodic environmental songs and songs about life as they live it. Ranging in age from 16, right down to 4 years of age, Legends of Perhaps are an Indi/Folk/Rock band hailing from Cooktown, tropical Far North Queensland.

7.45 pm Friday Community Hall

4.30 pm Saturday Children’s Festival

Sunday – The Fringe – times TBC

Lachlan Hawkins

Lachlan Hawkins

Lachlan is one of Australia’s most inspiring young percussionists and educators, with a background in jazz, classical and contemporary music.  Lachlan presents “No Enemy Within”: a collection of original music inspired by themes of family, gratitude and self-acceptance, explored through the beautiful, timeless sounds of the handpan.

10 am Saturday Pub Ballroom

SPECIAL EVENT– 1.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom – Young Masters

7 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe – with Jordan Brodie

Katie Jay

Katie Jay

Music has always played an important role in Katie’s life and singing and composing songs is something that she has done from a very young age. Katie Jay’s ballads are described as very “personal” and “heart-rending”. Her songwriting skills were celebrated when her work, The River, was awarded the Songwriters’ Award at the 2014 Festival.

7 pm Friday Obi’s Garden Stage

7.15 pm Pub Ballroom

8.30 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

SPECIAL EVENT– 10 am Sunday Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle




Junkyard Beats

Junkyard Beats

Delivering an explosive and unforgettable show, all their instruments are self-made out of recycled materials. In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into musical instruments that create a booty shaking, toe-tapping, electric atmosphere that makes you want to get up and move!

7 pm Friday Garden Stage

9 pm Friday Community Hall

12 noon Saturday Community Hall – workshop

11 pm Saturday Garden Stage

Jordan Brody

Jordan Brody

Jordan blends the sounds of folk, jazz and classical music and draws on old and new inspirations such as Julian Lage, Tommy Emmanuel, Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. He has impressed national audiences with his fingerstyle guitar technique, incorporating the bass, rhythm and melody parts simultaneously.

11.30am Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

SPECIAL EVENT – 1.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom – “Young Masters”

7 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe – duo with Lachlan Hawkins



John Buttigieg

John Buttigieg

An experimental solo finger-style guitar player since the age of 10, always experimenting with new sounds, open tunings and new unique ways of playing the guitar. John brings a set of original compositions exploring the variety of ways such a diverse instrument can be played.

9.15 pm Friday Curtain Fig Stage

SPECIAL EVENT – 1.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom – “Young Masters”

11.30 am Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe


Joe Man Murphy

Joe Man Murphy

Known to most as a singer, guitarist and songwriter of highly successful Australian band, The Timbers, Joe Man’s Solo music brings together a unique guitar style blending fingerpicking and tapping with a stomping beat. The songs are performed with an energy befitting the stories of life on the move.

9.30 pm Friday Obi’s Garden Vibe

2.45 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage

4.30 pm Saturday Quincan Café – Workshop

10.45 am Sunday Pub Ballroom



Jeanette Wormald Trio

Jeanette Wormald Trio

Jeanette is a story teller. Her original songs, powerful stage presence and skilled musicians combine to take listeners on a musical journey through shades of folk, roots, jazz and blues into Australia’s heartland.  Joined at this year’s Festival by gun guitarist Gary Dozier and Bassman Dave Hart.

7.45 Friday Pub Ballroom

1pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

2 pm Saturday St Mark’s Church – workshop

11.15 am Sunday Quincan Café



Hot Ice

Hot Ice

Simply think of all the harmony bands you’ve ever liked over the last thirty years. The Eagles, Crowded House, Cold Chisel, Little River band, Bee Gees, Crosby Stills and Nash and you’ll get an idea of the benchmark in quality on which this three piece band model themselves.

SPECIAL EVENT– Eagles Tribute Show 3.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

7 pm Saturday Garden Stage

Edelweiss Dancers


With a variety of traditional yet lively Bavarian folkdances and schuhplattlers, the Edelweiss dance group brings Bavaria to Far North Qld. The performers share a common love and appreciation for the Bavarian Culture and enjoy sharing Bavarian joy through their performances, with some dances inviting members of the audience to come and join in on the fun.

10 am Sunday Obi’s Garden Stage – workshop

11.45 Sunday Garden Stage

DreamState Circus

DreamState Circus

This award-winning Aussie / English Duo will delight and entertain you with their action- packed mix of acrobatics, juggling, and incredible fire manipulation. A brilliant balance between comedy and danger – This is a must- see act, with fiery chemistry, their passion is enchantingly tangible.

SPECIAL EVENT – On the Main Street Saturday from 5 pm

women in docs

women in docs

Much-loved semi local, independent, champagne folk act, women in docs, are known for their raw, exciting, upbeat sounds, well-considered and just plain funny lyrics, crisp, acoustic guitar and soaring harmonies. At the festival this year as a four piece band.

10 pm Saturday Garden Stage

11 am Sunday St Mark’s Church – workshop

1 pm Sunday Garden Stage


Daniel J Townsend

Daniel J Townsend

Born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, the descendant of a convict girl and her employer. Poet, folk musician and dilettante historian, he has been singing stories ever since. Expect songs and stories, deep thoughts and scuba gear humour.

12.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

9.15 pm Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

SPECIAL EVENT10 am Sunday Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle

1.15 pm Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe




The past year has been one hell of a crazy international adventure for changoTRee! They released their debut debut album “home” in October of 2016 and had a #1 song on the AMWRAP Australian charts as well as solid airplay around the country. They have “jet-lagged” the globe, travelling, recording, writing and performing shows and festivals in, New Orleans, Texas, Ireland, New York, London & France. Then back home to Mornington Victoria Australia via East Coast tour to Melbourne to Byron Bay and all in between.

Their Muse is magical roots, blues-cruise, funky-folk with soaring harmonies swampy grooves with a ‘neoteric splash of surf reggae chang’ from their coastal hometown Mornington Peninsula. They will be performing songs for the new uncoming album out in October called “Window” written and recorded around the globe over the past year changoTRee is fronted by a brilliant and unique male/female vocal harmony combo, Ian T and Ree Liddell. She is the elegant waxing dobro, mandolin acoustic guitar & he, Ian, is the surf dawg riding 8 string acoustic-electric. guitar-synth, (w stomp box and bass loops)

10.30 am Saturday Obi’s Garden Vibe

SPECIAL EVENT – 12.15 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage – Album Launch

8 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom

2 pm Sunday Garden Stage


Benny and The Clones

Benny and The Clones
Pt Douglas

Playing original music in Far North Queensland for almost a decade, with a total of three albums under their collective belt. Originally from Melbourne, they’ve continued writing and performing Up North where they’re now based. All-original music from folk to pop to rock.

10.45 am Saturday Garden Stage

8.30 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage


Bella Cappella

A vibrant mix of songs in 4-part harmony from different ages and cultures takes you on a musical journey around the world. This group’s infectious enthusiasm rubs off on the audience. You just can’t help but to ‘join in’.

Saturday 11 am Curtain Fig Stage

Bob Elliston

Bob EllistonSilkwood

Singer/guitarist for over 56 years. “Bob is an accomplished guitarist with a pleasant voice and a good interpretation of lyrics allowing him to deliver his songs in a very special way- (Kelly Dixon).

4 pm Sat Nick’s Restaurant

Brealyn Sheehan


With a sultry blend of jazz, blues and indie folk, songstress Brealyn’s been delighting listeners throughout her relatively short music career with her sassy stage presence, emotionally laden lyrics and her voice which flows like liquid velvet with a delicious hint of growl. Performing with a full band, Brealyn’s intimate story telling style and lashings of lush vocals engage audiences and invite them into her world.

8.45 pm Friday Pub Ballroom

12.30 pm Saturday Quincan Café

10 am Sunday Garden Stage

Django in the Djungle

Django in the Djungle

Tablelands & Cairns

Swing it with this RED-HOT Gypsy Swing Band. The Hot Club repertoire is featured in addition to gypsy and swing tunes. Get your dose of Sweet & Lowdown music with vocals, chunking guitars, swinging violin, bass, mandolin, flute, sax & clarinet. Let the good times roll!

SPECIAL GUEST ARTISTS – featuring Kirtley Leigh on swinging violin and Robert Colman on hot saxophone. Wear your dancing shoes!

Sunday 15 th October – Taste of the Tablelands -Atherton, 12noon & 2pm

7 pm Friday Community Hall

Breakfast Djungle Djam – Sat – 8:30am – 12noon, Gem Gallery

Breakfast Djungle Djam – Sun – 8:30am – 10:30am, Gem Gallery

11.30 am Sunday Pub Ballroom

1.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall workshop