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Tango Craze


Presented by Cairns Argentine Dance School

Constantly updating their skills with the assistance of National and International Master Teachers, Gianni and Elena are the only ‘teaching couple’ in Cairns who can give students both Leader’s (Gianni) and Follower’s (Elena) with specific insight and guidance at the same time. Their teaching technique aims to help students to learn the Argentine Tango in a simple, lively and playful way.

10 am Sunday Curtain Fig Stage

Ukulele Melody

Littmus Steampunk Band

Presented by Littmus Steampunk Band

If you can strum a few chords but want to take your playing to the next level, this workshop is for you. Learn the marvellous mystery of melody, and how to find it hiding in chords that you can already play. Bring along the chords to a favourite song if you like and we’ll give a go (time permitting). You may surprise yourself.

10 am Sunday St Mark’s Church

Bavarian Folk Dancing


Presented by Cairns Dancers

Our performers share a common love and appreciation for the Bavarian Culture and enjoy sharing Bavarian joy through audience participation, inviting members of the audience to come and join in on the fun.

10 am Sunday Obi’s Garden Vibe

Write Something We Know

Mark Kryle and Carmel Newman

Presented by Mark Cryle and Carmel Newman

Mark Cryle has been acclaimed by music journalists as one of Australia’s leading songwriters. Along with Australian Celtic Award-winning fiddler & vocalist Carmel Newman they’ll take you on a journey as they help you demistify the art of song writing.

10.30 am Sunday CWA Hall

Masters of War

Tablelands Folk Festival, Yungaburra, QLD, AuPresented by Tom and Kerryn

As Arlo Guthrie once said: “You want to end a war, you gotta sing loud.”  So, come along with your songs (chorus songs preferred) and raise the roof as we challenge the masters of war and explore what war really means. Bring your folk songs, bring your instruments, bring your outrage. Most importantly of all, bring your voices!

11 am Sunday Curtain Fig Stage

Further Creativity

women in docsPresented by women in docs

Join the gang for an informal round table song writing session. Lean a few tricks of the trade from Roz and Chanel from women in docs, while meeting new and link minded people in the workshop environment to potentially inspire further creativity from your new craft.

11 am Sunday St Mark’s Church

Sing Your Heart Out

Jane YounghusbandPresented by Jane Younghusband

With coordinator of Community Choir Woyaya, learn more about your voice through A Capella singing. Harmonise with others and enjoy singing some beautiful songs from around the world. And, most importantly, relax and have fun. Lah Lah Lah…..

12 noon Sunday St Mark’s Church

Exploring Vocal Harmonies

Rosie Burgess TrioPresented by Rosie Burgess Trio

Find interesting 3-part harmonies for your songs to bring that extra depth to your arrangements. Explore the differing effects of low versus high harmonies, thirds, fifths, sixths and more. Come and have a singalong and experience the feeling these harmonies create.

1 pm Sunday St Mark’s Church

Swing 17

Django in the DjunglePresented by Django in the Djungle gypsy swing band

Bring your strings – guitar, mandolin, fiddle; your brass – sax, tuba, trumpet; your woodwinds – clarinet, bassoon or just your scat voice and learn some Gypsy Swing hot licks.

1.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall

Finding Your Voice

Jeanette Wormald TrioPresented by Jeanette Wormald

A vocal workshop to help you realise the potential of your voice through working on correct techniques for posture, breathing, vocal warm ups and projection – all with a dash of humour and lots of laughter. Everyone welcome.

2 pm Sunday St Mark’s Church


Lucky Phil
Presented by Lucky Phil

An introduction to various harmonicas and styles.  Blues and country (diatonic) and chromatic harmonicas. Harmonica in the key A is required for this workshop. Harmonics will be available at the workshop.

2.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall

Making musical instruments out of Gourds

Penelope SwalesPresented by Penelope Swales

In this hour-long presentation, Penelope will discuss the history of the gourd as a source of music, give advice for growing and curing your own gourds and cover construction techniques ranging from very simple instruments such as shakers and kalimbas through to basses, guitars and violins. Participants will be able to see the band’s instruments up close and handle them.

Please note that for insurance reasons this is not a hands-on workshop, but participants will go away with lots of ideas for things they can try at home.

3.30 pm Sunday CWA Hall