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Join the Band

The Magnificence

Presented by The Magnificence

Attendees are invited to work with this gang of all-star Aussie musos to learn an original song and perhaps join the band on stage. Don’t over think it, just enjoy the ride. Magnifico!

10 am Saturday Community Hall

Make Your Own Stompbox

Rosie Burgess TrioPresented by Rosie Burgess Trio

Ever wanted to make your own stomp box? Come and explore the incredibly satisfying but surprisingly simple process of building your own stomp box. Discuss issues and best design principles for that super fat sound.

11 am Saturday Community Hall

Percussive Recycling

Junkyard Beats
Presented by Junkyard Beats

Children, youth and adults will be taken on a creative journey of discovery, exploring the connection between creative recycling, music and teamwork. This workshop is designed to give participants an introduction to the world of Do It Yourself rhythm including Body percussion / Junk percussion (buckets, broom sticks, kitchen utensils…) create your own instrument out of recycled materials.

12 noon Saturday Community Hall


The Timbers

With The Timbers

Jamming with the Timbers has been popular at many festivals. We encourage everyone to bring their instruments and join in some fun playing well known songs with lots of Timbers energy!!

1 pm Saturday Community Hall

Dream State Circus

DreamState CircusDream State Circus

One and a half hours of tutored play, fun and learning.  With unicycles, juggling balls, clubs, rings, stilts, ribbons, flower stix, rola bola’s, hula hoops, peddle go’s and more. For kids of all ages, it’s great to watch as the adults are drawn in and start playing first with their kids and then on their own.

2pm Saturday Children’s Festival



Presented by Johnston Davidson

Learn the technique and nuance of the Traditional Irish Hand drum with Johnstone, mainstay of Townsville Celtic Band 33 1/3.

2.30 pm Saturday CWA Hall

Into your Gob

Mal Webb

Presented by Mal Webb

Exploring the physics, physiology and phrivolity of every sound a face can make. A cultural jaunt into your gob. Sideways yodelling, beatbox, throat singing, looping and safe vocal distortion. Be a band with your voice and the lead singer too.

3.30 pm Saturday CWA Hall

Alt Song Writing Techniques

Joe Man MurphyPresented by Joe Man Murphy

Joe Man Murphy is known to most as a singer, guitarist and songwriter of highly successful Australian band, The Timbers. He has so far released 2 records with The Timbers and 2 solo albums. Explore the possibilities of tunings, beats, tapping and more.

4.30pm Saturday Quincan Cafe

Matching Voice to Audience

Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzi

Presented by Penny Larkins & Carl Pannuzzo

Learn how to utilise the entire palette of your vocal range enabling you to make choices appropriate for any given situation from a presentation to a cold call.

We will work on breath, resonance and articulation all in a fully supported (and still fun!) environment. Statistics show that singing is great for your health and well-being too.

4.30 pm Saturday CWA Hall