The Sessions, May 22 – featuring JuJu Moon

JuJu Moon - 2021-May-Sesh

The Festival’s much loved Yungaburra Sessions are back!

  • The first of The Sessions, May 22, features the cream of the local Celtic and Folk music crop with a pub verandah jam session from 3 pm.
  • Following this is the evening Session featuring Mission Beach favourites JuJu Moon live in the Yungaburra Pub Ballroom from 7.30 pm.

JuJu Moon is the songwriting, recording and production collaboration between Ian and Karen Stewart. Ian plays guitar and sings lead vocals while Karen joins him with lead vocals and saxophone.
Based at South Mission Beach they are supported in this by a talented, energetic and committed group of musical friends – Franny Francis-Piper on backing vocals, Kent Gibbins on bass a guitar, Ian Preece on drums, Kym Hall on sax and Shabaun Jones on trumpet.

JuJu Moon has been playing festivals in Far North Queensland for years including the Tablelands Folk Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Wallaby Creek, Mission Evolve and Coalescence. They have performed multiple times at original showcase events such as the TFF ‘Jangaburru Sessions’, Resonate in Cairns, The Tanks original music series, and this year the band has also recorded a track as part of a compilation album showcasing Far North Queensland original music bands called Northern Exposure 2021.

The culminating event for the project was performing at the album launch party with fifteen other original live acts at AJ Hacketts Skypark in April. The track ‘Dr Love’ has had air play this year on Cairns 89.1Fm and ABC Far North. For further info check out the JuJu Moon website

We’re looking forward to a great day and night, bringing The Sessions back to Yungaburra.

  • Afternoon Jam Session: From 3 pm – Yungaburra Pub Verandah
  • Evening Concert Session featuring JuJu Moon: From 7.30 pm – Yungaburra Pub Ballroom

2021 AGM President’s Report

Tablelands Folk Festival
Tablelands Folk Festival

Firstly, I need to thank everyone for their patience, co-operation and hard work that was required to facilitate a music festival in a Covid-l9 year. They say hindsight has 2020 vision and last year was no exception. I thank everyone who shared the vision for a music festival regardless of the restrictions imposed and with the possibility of a totally locked-down ZOOM style festival.

Examples of ideas mooted were the possibility of drive-in theatre style concerts where the audience stayed in or near their car, numerous individual concerts held across the whole of the Tablelands over a 2 week period, etc.. All ideas coming from an extremely capable and committed festival team.

Special thanks to Bronwyn for committing to a Queensland Artists Event with emphasis on locals. What exceptional talent we have at our doorstep.

Special mention also to the rest of the Festival Committee. Such dedication is quite humbling, and l cannot thank you all enough. Steve, Sarah, Martin, Jeff Michael, Jenni, Cathie, Laurette, Uncle Laurie, Aunty Helen, Brett, Marie, Maria, lan, Phil, Heather, Andy, Nadine, the staff at the Yungaburra Hotel who continued their support and co-operation under their own stressful situation, musicians and artists who gave of themselves, volunteers, local Police and the local health department.  l’m up to ball boys and referees, so l’ll stop here.

This festival would not exist without you all equally, and if you need assurance just look at what we achieved in 2020. At no stage did we give-in and cancel the event. We provided a fantastic festival to our visitors and the community of Yungaburra. We were prepared to make an overall loss to ensure we did not go without but instead we made a surplus.

This year we will be able (hopefully) to have our Children’s Festival and our Health and Wellness participation. This coming Year is the Year of lndigenous Tourism and we are hoping to progress and expand on our initial work in 2019 with the introduction of local language through our elder Janggaburru. For those unfamiliar with our 2019 project which achieved national acclaim and is a direct link to future First Nations tourism, l’ll explain.

Janggaburru is a 4m+ high, elder of the Dulgubarra Yidinji and was featured on an ABC documentary filmed throughout the 20L9 Festival.

The Elder (Janggaburru) has comeback to Yungaburra after many decades and has found the area so transformed he no longer knows his way around.

Uncle Laurie helped Janggaburru to reorient himself by evoking the traditional names of the land and of its features. While at it they took the opportunity to also help local people discover a layer of knowledge of the area that overlaps onto current denomination used by the colonising culture.

Janggaburru partook in sessions of language teaching at the Festival, including a workshop for the creation of Street Signage in language and eventually the Elders, with a group of assistants, installed the newly made signs around the festival perimeter. The signs indicated directions for locations significant to the traditional local culture as well as translated some of the existing names into language when possible (when the name exists, ie: ‘Marrgan Street’ for ‘Maple Street’).

After the Festival we were approached by Main Roads to investigate and pursue the possibility of permanent signs to co-exist with the current signs.  This year being the Year of lndigenous Tourism is  now a prime opportunity to fulfill that dreaming.

Michael Hodgkins



We love sharing pics taken by you enjoying your Tablelands Folk Festival experience… Share yours on Instagram at #tffpix

David Flower

Australian singer songwriter known for spontaneous, authentic and original shows with a stirring dynamic voice.  His song writing is topical and emotive with an unmeasured dose of ad lib and humour.  David will have some very special guests joining him to have a good ol jam as the magic unfolds 🙂

11 am Saturday – The Garden Vibe
1.45 pm Saturday – The Garden Vibe
11 am Sunday – The Garden Stage

Rhythm Style Records – Label Launch

Two great young Far North Queensland acts perform as a prelude to EP Releases on the re-vibed Rhythm Style Records Label. The Maggie Slater Group & The Mallows both have imminent releases on the Rhythm Style Label which was first started in 1982 by Mark Fuccilli (Big 5 / Chinless Elite / Alniters / Dreadnauts).

Mark started this Aussie Indie Label to feature young acts in the Sydney Alternate Music Scene. Now in this Covid crazy world Mark has re-vibed the label to drop some great singles & EPs from 2 fantastic young bands he is producing, Maggie Slater Group & The Mallows.

7 pm Friday in the Community Hall

Poet’s Breakfast

Hosted by Mark Both and Peter Firth and joined by an eclectic group of writers and reciters, vagabonds and ne’er do well’s. A light hearted way to start your Festival Sunday.

8.30 am Sunday – Nick’s Restaurant (bookings essential)

Tableland United Pipe Band

Entertaining you on the street and in the park this year we are delighted to bring you the pipes and drums of the Tablelands United Pipe Band. You’ll hear them coming, they’ll stir your senses and bring a smile to your dial.

 From 5.30 pm Saturday – on the street

Jazzuleles – Album Launch – Happy Totem

The Jazzuleles are a local ukulele duo who first performed in 2018 at the Tablelands Folk Festival. They are excited to have continued their musical journey and to release their first album ‘Happy Totem’ at the place where it all began.

3.30 Saturday – The Garden Vibe

Women in Song

4 diverse acts, Tessa Devine, Katie Who, The Jazzuleles and Aurelle Brunjes talk the talk and walk the walk. Some music, some conversation around the experiences of women in the music industry, songwriting, touring, and the love of a song.

10 am Sunday Quincan Café

TFF McGinty’s Songwriter Competition

We invite you to enter the 2020 Competition. This prestigious event offers 3 amazing prize packages including a recording deal. We sincerely thank our three judges – Shirley Lynn, Jeanette Wormald and Fiona Sewell.

• Emerging Songwriter Categoryfrom 10 am Sat – CWA Hall
Open Categoryfrom 1 pm Sat – CWA Hall

Maggie Slater Group

North Queensland singer-songwriter Maggie Slater is an artist on the rise, but one in full control and confidence of her craft. Drawing from a few key genres such as folk, dream-pop and rock, Maggie’s maturity as a storyteller shines through on her beautifully written and performed songs.

8 pm Fri – Community Hall

Songwriting – Polishing and Enhancement – Gar MacLeman

Gar MacLeman

This is a workshop for songwriters. After initially running through a selection of song-writing tools etc. this workshop, which is aimed at improving the songwriter’s craft, will suggest methods of improvement, including alternate tunings and/or arpeggios and runs between chords. BYO instrument.

3.30 pm Sun – Quincan Cafe

Songs of Hope – Tom and Keryn

As 2020 has progressed, with Covid-19, isolation and racism writ large, the world seems more in need of hope than ever.  So, come along and have your spirits lifted. In the past, just like today, people have faced and overcome adversity. Singing songs of hope has helped propel humanity forward – come and lift up your voice with us as we all hope for a better future

11 am Sun Curtain Fig Stage

Immersion – Words on a String

Weaving their love of poetry into a workshop of spoken word and dance supported by harp music, Joy and Owen provoke creativity and performance. No dance or poetry writing experience required. Musicians welcome to the collaboration.

10 am Sun – TAFE Stage

Ukulele Is Not a Dirty Word- Ric Montgomery

Join one of the safest pair of Ukulele hands in Cairns as Ric guides you through the steps of playing a tune on this much loved little stringed instrument- an intro of how to finger pick on a Uke & scales to use in common turn arounds at the end of verses.  BYO Uke.

11 am Sat – TAFE Stage

Vanilla Bones

Acoustic trio featuring originals, starting with love songs written in earlier years to newer songs with a political and environmental message.  A father-daughter duo, last year joined by Iris Der Leeuw, classically trained violinist, formerly part of the Haydn Symphony Orchestra Hamburg.

10 am Sat – Quincan Café
4.30 pm Sun – Quincan Café

Timothy James Wright

Moving through genres but never arriving at any one in particular, Tim and his band create unique melodic landscapes that touch heartstrings and tell stories. From apocalyptic bluegrass to synth driven dark pop, its life seen through the eyes of a man forever on the run.

4.15 pm Sat – Garden Stage
8 pm Sat – Community Hall
1.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage

The Mouldy Lovers

This furiously energetic seven headed creature incorporates a range of genres including folk, punk, ska and world music, which crafts a unique, and raucous live performance style, all impassioned swagger and vitriol, bleeding truth and boogie-woogie.

11 pm Fri – Community Hall
9 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage
10 am Sat – Community Hall – SUPERJAM

The Mallows

A four-piece band blending funk, pop and rock into smooth tunes for all to boogie along to. Forming in their high school music rooms, these boys recorded their debut single, “In the Way” early in 2019.

7 pm Fri – Community Hall
12 noon Sat – Garden Stage

The Long Johns

The Long Johns are the twang of the banjo, the rumble of the sousaphone and the ring of the spittoon, the creak of the door, the crow of the rooster, the stomping of floorboards and the hammering of the chain gang.

10 pm Fri – Garden Stage
8 pm Sat Garden Stage

The Jazzuleles

In 2018 Shirley-Ann won the TFF Emerging Songwriters Competition and now with duo partner Alison Skardon they are releasing their first originals EP. Country Jazz is the genre, but music that makes people feel good is the goal.

1.45 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
3.30 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe – Album Launch
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – “Women in Song”

Tessa Devine

Bringing to the stage a full audial experience, using Guitars, Keyboard, Harmonica, Loop Pedals, Drum Machine, Stomp box and other Percussion. But what really sets Tessa apart is her powerful vocals and incredible vocal range.

1.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
11 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – “Women in Song”
1.15 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe

Talitha Jae

A breath of fresh air on a sunny breezy day, Talitha gets her inspiration from a mix of jazz, folk, country, indie, pop, and blues. If you’re lucky enough to catch this little miss sunshine in one of her dynamic performances, you will surely drift away into the neverlands, bundled up in good feels.

7 pm Fri – Curtain Fig Stage
3.30 pm Sat – Quincan Café
11 am Sun – Pub Ballroom

Shirley & Strings

Singer songwriter Shirley Lynn joined by strings player Sara Hughes will perform original songs including NQ cyclone song, “Live and Let Live.” Together they will share seeds of awareness while simply enjoying bringing a love of music to their audience.

12.15 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe
2 pm Sun – Quincan Café

Peter Dymond-Ramplin

Concertina, button accordion, guitar, banjo, various whistles and flutes, Peter performs in the style of Australian balladeers, sea shanties, singers, humourists, minstrels and poets, in sheds and ships, public squares and intimate events.

8.30 pm Fri – Curtain Fig Café
2.45 pm Sun – Quincan Café
12.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
10.45 am Sat – Quincan Café – workshop


Brought up by dingoes many oceans apart, these two North Queensland ‘favourite sons’, singer/guitarist Mick O’Mara and multi-instrumentalist Peter Ella join forces to bring you ‘The Fools’. A bit of Celtic Craic.

11.45 am Sat – Pub Ballroom – “Duelling Mandos”
2.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

Katie Who

Raw and evocative. Katie’s voice seeks out that corner of your soul that is hiding and infuses it with light. Authentic lyrics electrify the path to self-empowerment in a palatial soundscape.

9 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
12.30 pm Sat – Quincan Café
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – “Women in Song”
1.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom


Featuring blistering guitar and mandolin and mesmerising to watch, his own songs are thoughtful, often witty and at times absurd, sometimes political in nature but not intentionally so (he says). Expect a few jokes, which despite the still -present Scottish accent should remain intelligible.

9 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
11.45 am Sat – Pub Ballroom – “Duelling Mandos”
3.30 pm Sat Pub Ballroom
7.45 pm Sat Curtain Fig Stage
12 noon Sun – CWA Hall – workshop

Hello Jane

A beautiful silence in the audience is all too familiar for emerging singer/songwriter Hello Jane in the first moments of her performance. A combination of an effortlessly angelic voice that in harmony with her ‘get to the point’ song writing stops you in your tracks and holds you in its grip.

3.45 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
7 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Sun – CWA Hall – workshop

Ella Hartwig

A 17-year-old from Cooktown, Far North Queensland, Ella’s acoustic style is influenced by indie, folk, and a bit of country. The up-and-coming musician has been on ABC Far North Radio, a 2020 Queensland Music Award finalist, and her song writing is becoming internationally recognised.

10.45 am Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
1 pm Sat – TAFE Stage

Davy Simony

Davy Simony is a Melbourne based folk-roots singer-songwriter hailing from Kuranda in Far North Queensland. With influences that span from Angus & Julia Stone to Fat Freddy’s Drop, Simony’s work is defined by his grounded and heartfelt style of songwriting. Boasting the powerful energy of a ‘one-man-band, with guitar, foot percussion and live looping and smooth and soulful vocals.

12 noon Sat – TAFE Stage
9 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
11.45 am Sun – Pub Ballroom

Danny Simony

A well-known entertainer in Far North Queensland, Danny will have you in stitches with his hilarious comedy, Mime and Magic show.

1 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
2.45 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
11.30 am Sun – Quincan Café – workshop


Carinda Christie Trio

A seasoned performer, singer, songwriter, musician Carinda is joined by Jason Donnelly on lead guitar and vocals with Mark Trimbolli on drums. Carinda loves the trio with its big sound that can rock your socks off to a sweet lullaby that will bring a tear to the eye.

11 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
7 pm Sat – solo- Curtain Fig Stage
8.45 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
11.15 am Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop

Cachicamo Latin Harp

A lively family group that portrays a diversity of music from the Andes to Cuba with Spanish, Portuguese, African, and native American backgrounds; from sensual to cheerful rhythms that guarantee a vibrant experience through time and culture

11 am Sat – Garden Stage
9 pm Sat – Garden Stage
12 noon Sun – Garden Stage

Blue Reed

Swing and Fire are some of the emotions you will encounter while enjoying the songs from this newly formed gypsy swing trio. Sometimes fast and furious like the Captain Cook Highway on a Friday afternoon or slow and seductive like the Barron River on a Sunday afternoon.

10 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
4.45 pm Sat – Quincan Café
10 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
1.45 pm Sat – TAFE Stage – workshop

A taste of Blue Reed

A taste of Blue Reed. This house concert was lots of fun. 🙂

Posted by Blue Reed on Monday, 16 March 2020

Benny and the Clones

Entertaining crowds in Far North Queensland for twenty years, Port Douglas-based band Benny and the Clones deliver powerful and passionate original music. A trio with a diverse catalogue of original folk/pop/rock music.

7 pm Fri – Garden Stage
3.15 pm Sat – Garden Stage
11 pm Sat – Garden Stage

Aurelle Brunjes

Weaving stories about ordinary life and imaginings, Aurelle has been shortlisted as finalist and semi-finalist in Australian renowned song writing competitions and recently won New Songwriter of the Year in the 2019 Tamworth Capital Country Music Association with her song “Mango Trees”.

8 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
10.45 am Sat – Pub Ballroom
3 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
10 am Sun – Quincan – “Women in Song”

Andy Brassett

Growing up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne immersed in his father’s eclectic collection of music was the perfect setting for a self-taught, blues / roots / soul singer songwriter. Andy’s musical influences include Reggae, Nu-Soul, Folk, Indie Rock, Funk and Blues.

7 pm Fri -Pub Ballroom
10 am Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
9.15 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage

A Covid-safe Festival

COVID-19 Ticket policy

All tickets will be fully refunded if COVID-19 restrictions force the festival to be cancelled in it’s entirety.

Our refund policy

Ticket holders will not be penalised if someone is not able to attend due to illness. Stay at home if unwell –
• or, if you have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19
• or, if you are positive for COVID-19
• or, if you have travelled overseas or to a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days

At the festival

• Remember to maintain physical distancing requirements which is the individuals responsibility

• Seek assistance if you become unwell during the event (locate security, cleaners, event officials or first aid / in-event health staff)

• If you haven’t already we would encourage you to download the Commonwealth Government COVID-19 app prior to attending the event

• Remember that the event organisers have the right to refuse entry and may insist that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms needs to leave the event and obtain COVID-19 testing as per health guidelines.

Covid-19 Appropriate Documentation and Approvals

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer has endorsed an Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events (the Framework). The Industry Framework has been developed by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) in conjunction with Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) and the Department of State Development, Tourism, and Innovation (DSDTI), and in collaboration with industry stakeholders and Queensland Health.

We will ensure that the key principles and event specific public health strategies are implemented and monitored.

COVID Safe Industry Plans for specific industries or venue types.

Live Music Venues (small and medium) – in progress


These documents are subject to change. Please use them as reference only.

Robert Cini

Fresh from the release of his debut album with its authentically raw-earthy sound showcasing Robert’s prodigious song-craft, already garnering huge success with the song ‘Different Road’ awarded ‘Best song in the Folk/Acoustic genre’ at the recent Australian Songwriters Awards in Sydney.

7.45 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
12 noon Sat – The Garden vibe
1.15 pm Sun – Quincan Café

Bad Boys of Uke

Formed by musicians and staff of Johnos Blues Bar after it closed, it was felt that ukes would keep them out of trouble!  The Bad Boys went from strength to strength with their unique style and have entertained tens of thousands of tourists and now bring their Uke prowess to TFF.

4.30 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
7 pm Sat – Yungaburra Pitstop
11 am Sat – TAFE Stage – workshop

Django in the Djungle

Djungle Djams! Wake up your ears with a swinging breakfast. Taste some low-down swing seasoned with red-hot dance tunes cooked up by Django in the Djungle gypsy swing band & friends.

9 am – Breakfast  set – Sat – The Garden Vibe
9 am – Breakfast  set – Sun – The Garden Vibe
3.15 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop



A Cairns based rhythm ensemble playing contemporary arrangements of traditional mandingue music of West Africa. The heart of this music are the djembes and dunduns. Powerful and ancient instruments with rhythms and songs for various occasions.

4.30 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
4.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sat – TAFE Stage – workshop

Gar MacLeman

Gar Mac Leman’s skilfully crafted original songs weave Celtic folk, rock, blues, and country, and along with complex guitar tunings, diverse rhythms, a rusty voice, and harmonicas, transport the listener into the song/stories he creates.

7 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
11.30 am Sat – Quincan Café
10 am Sun – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sun – Quincan Café – workshop

Gypsy Rumble

Heralded as “Australia’s quirkiest and possibly first!! Ukulele, Celtic/Folk, Reggae, Bluegrass band” the Gypsy Rumble has its roots in Celtic, world and bush dance fun. Enthralling, highly energetic performances carry audiences back in time blending showmanship, artistry and tradition.

10 pm Fri – Community Hall
11 pm Sat – Community Hall
2.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage
10 am Sat – SUPERJAM – Community Hall

Lucky Phil

Strong vocal performer featuring harmonica, acoustic and slide guitars. Singer Songwriter Phil has been strongly influenced by the British Blues and Classic Americana.

12.15 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
8.30 pm Sat – Curtain Fig Stage
12 noon Sun – Curtain Fig Stage – “Kirtan @ the Curtain”

Mangrove Jack

Celebrating 40 years in the music business in 2020, this band just keeps on keeping on. They’ve been playing since they were children but will never lose their sense of humour or their love of music.

4.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore

Join local Elder Uncle Laurie and learn about local language names of flora, fauna and artifacts and storytelling around the real history of Yungaburra/Janggaburru.

10 am Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Curtain Fig Stage