Festival SongCircle


Join Gar MacLeman, Tullara, Jeremiah Johnson and Jeanette Wormald. They’ll share their songwriting journey and their songs.

10 am Sun – Quincan Café

Bugzy Bumblebee – Bubble Love

Bugzy Bubbles

A unique experience like you have never seen before! A mesmerising Entertainer and Bubbleologist delivering high quality shows incorporating giant rainbow coloured soap bubbles.

Various times – In the Children’s Fair area and on the street for the Grand Parade

Welcome to Country


Welcome to Country – “Gadan wabu nyunduubany jiba durrgan
“You all come together with a happy heart”
-Uncle Laurie Padmore

6 pm Fri – The Fringe Stage in the Park

Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack

A retrospective of 40 years in the music business, looking forward, looking back. This year with some very special guests.

9.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
2.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

Music is Fun! – Max Schollar-Root

Max Schollar-Root

A participatory workshop and musical play space for children to enjoy percussion, play and dancing. Max is a registered music therapist who specialises in early childhood developmental music programs.

3pm Sat – TAFE Stage

Bosnian Sevdah music – East of West

East of West
East of West

The haunting urban folk music of Bosnia strikes a chord with many of us, speaking as it does of love, loss and the resilience of a strong and proud people. Bring your voice or instrument along and have fun while learning a traditional Sevdah tune.

2 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe

BellyDance – Nomadica Tribal

Nomadica Tribal

With dance styles and costuming from around the world, fused together to make a vibrant and passionate dance. Come and learn some tribal belly dance moves, have some fun and enjoy the passion of the dance. Hip scarves provided.

12 noon Sun – The Garden Vibe

Women in Song – Tom and Keryn

Tom and Keryn
Tom and Keryn

The role of women in society is under scrutiny. We reflect on what folk music reveals about the lives of women through the centuries. Women have been singing, writing songs and raising their voices forever. Come sing with them.

11 am Sun – The Garden Vibe

Reggae for Fun – Koahlition


A bit of Reggae history and a few related styles: ska, rocksteady etc,  including all participants in playing a Reggae composition in an orchestra arrangement, for a direct understanding of the genre and a lot of enjoyment. 

2.30 pm Sat – Community Hall

Replete of Repeat – Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

How to produce and manipulate sounds to exponentially expand your personal sound library including discussing the many different types of loopers available, from phone apps to hardware. Mal will also demonstrate a few cool (and challenging!) tricks with a digital delay unit.

With thanks to RADF for assistance.

2 pm Sat – Gem Gallery

Polish and Enhancement – Gar MacLeman

Gar MacLeman
Gar MacLeman

After running through song-writing tools, improve your craft with methods of enhancement. Alternate tunings, arpeggios, runs between chords. For beginners to accomplished, this workshop suits those with an instrument.

2 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe

Secret History of Song – Floyd Thursby

Floyd Thursby
Floyd Thursby

What did Johnny Cash steal to end up in Folsom Prison? What’s the story with the Beatles’ ‘Come Together’? What dirty deed got AC/DC into legal hot water? What do the Angels owe to Status Quo? Find out as Floyd Thursby reveals the historical texts that have influenced and inspired some of our favourite songs.

12 noon Sat – The Garden Vibe

Kallidad Unmasked



The three masked men of Kallidad will give a glimpse behind the curtain to share the musical techniques, travel and touring stories, and thoughts and philosophies that led them to create a once in a lifetime musical experience.

12 noon Sat – Community Hall

8 Ball Aitkin (Bris)


Playing original swamp-blues to get the party started. His new album Ice Cream Man topped the Australian blues charts, and he won #2 prize in the 2021 New Orleans International Cigar Box Guitar competition with his 3-string slide guitar.

11 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
8.30 pm Sat – The Fringe
4.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom


33 and 1/3


North Queensland’s favourite Celtic folk band returns to the Festival with a fresh line-up ready to delight audiences with a rousing performance of both traditional and contemporary songs and tunes.

10 am Sat – TAFE Stage
11 am Sun – Garden Stage

Woyaya and BellaCappella


 10 am Saturday – Community Hall – BellaCappella – Open Singing Session inviting festival patrons who would like to sing together in a large group.  The idea is based on the EUROPA CANTAT format.

11 am Sat -The Garden Vibe – A festival regular, WOYAYA will give you a joyful selection of songs from around the world including new songs written by choir director Jane Younghusband.

2.30 pm Sat – Community Hall – MegaChoir combining Woyaya and BellaCappella.


United Tableland Pipe Band


As the finale of our Official Festival Welcome to Country and Opening Ceremony this year, we are delighted to bring you the pipes and drums of the Tableland United Pipe Band. You’ll hear them coming, they’ll stir your senses and bring a smile to your dial. Dance your tartan off on Saturday night in the Hall.

6 pm Fri – The Fringe – Festival Official opening
7.45 pm Sat – Community Hall – Dance

Ungus Ungus Ungus


Hold onto your hats as they strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dancefloor mayhem. Carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined, from swingin’ circus sounds to Eastern European influences and their signature carnie-hop.

9 pm Fri – Community Hall
11 pm Sat – Community Hall
1.45 pm Sun – Garden Stage
3 pm Sat – Children’s Fair workshop


Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore
Uncle Laurie Padmore

Join Festival Giant Puppet Janggaburru and Dulgubarra Yidinji Elder Uncle Laurie as they guide us through original stories related to the local flora and fauna, sharing culture and language.

6 pm Fri – The Fringe – Special event – Welcome to Country
2.45 pm Sat – The Fringe
12.30 pm Sun – The Fringe

Tullara (NSW)


Born and raised on a parrot farm in northern NSW (true story), Folk/Roots/Pop rocker Tullara takes the genre to a whole new level, full of enticing swagger and powerful emotion.

7.45 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay
11.15 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Special Event – Festival Song Circle
4.30 pm Sun – Gem Gallery
1.30 pm Sat – Community Hall – workshop


Tom and Keryn

Tom and Keryn
Tom and Keryn

The role of women in society is under scrutiny. We reflect on what folk music reveals about the lives of women through the centuries. Women have been singing, writing songs, and raising their voices forever. Come sing with them.

11 am Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop – Women in Song

The Steele Syndicate (Bris)

The Steele Syndicate
The Steele Syndicate

It’s all about the groove. Steele McMahon’s Brisbane-based octet is raucous, punchy and fun, with a genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock. The band packs a roaring, four-piece horn section and a rhythm section to match.

10 pm Fri – Community Hall
9 pm Sat – Garden Stage
4.30 pm Sunday – Garden Stage


The Jazzuleles

The Jazzuleles
The Jazzuleles

Showcasing their original music released in 2020 and launching their new album for 2021. ‘Flight’ is a collection of instrumental pieces composed for two ukuleles. The album has been created for all those on a healing journey.

10.30 am Sat – Quincan Café
4.30 pm Sat – Gem Gallery – special event – album launch
10.30 am Sun – Nick’s Restaurant
1 pm Sun – Gem Gallery – workshop



The E spot

Tablelands Folk Festival

Reminiscing on past glories and reinventing the musical wheel, local folk legend and instrumental maestro Pete Ella is joined by fellow musos and friends – Mick O’Mara, brother Rob, Ben Wilson from The Button Collective. Who knows who else may pop up.

12.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
4.30 pm Sat – Quincan Café

Tessa Devine

Tessa Devine
Tessa Devine

Singing from her soul, weaving stories of heartbreak and hope.  Looped guitar knitted with sublime soprano harmonies, Tessa’s range is impressive, and the intricacy of her songs magical.

8.45 pm Fri – Coffee and Clay Café
10.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
2.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Sun – Quincan Café – workshop



Skiffle Party (Vic)

Skiffle Party
Skiffle Party

High energy upbeat American roots music in the style of UK proto-rockers Lonnie Donegan, Chris Barber and the Vipers Skiffle Group. A rediscovery of the excitement and intensity of this critically influential but largely overlooked genre. The birth of British rock.

7.30 pm Fri – Nick’s Restaurant
3.30 pm Sat – Garden Stage
1.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
12 noon Sat – The Garden Vibe – workshop


Scroggin (ACT)


Playing an eclectic, high-energy mix of delightful morsels both savory and sweet. Well-rooted in Bluegrass standards, they also branch into Celtic Folk, Australiana, and Western Swing, with a sprinkling of Country songs for more sombre moments.

1 pm Sat – Quincan Café
4.30 pm Sat – Garden Stage
3.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
10.30 am Sun – Gem Gallery – workshop


Sally Andrews (ACT)

Sally Andrews
Sally Andrews

With her piano accordion, red hair, and copious numbers of Irish nautical shanties, often found warbling her way around folk festivals delivering energetic performances of Celtic ballads and trad tunes, with a bit of Appalachian folk thrown in.

7.30 pm Fri – The Fringe
10.45 am Sat – Gem Gallery
11.30 am Sun – Nick’s Restaurant – Shanty Session

Pico’s Puppet Palace (SA)

Hand-made from mostly repurposed materials. Suitable for ages 4-9 (roughly) and for adults alike. Accompanied by a live musical score the shows have environmental themes and are interactive. Each show is a chapter of Pico’s adventures.

10.45 am Sat – TAFE Stage
3.30 pm Sat – TAFE Stage

Melodious (T’ville)


Beautiful diverse melodies in tune and song played with colour, skill, and love on fiddles, whistles and more. There will be Celtic, European east and west, middle eastern moments, and elements from American and Australian traditions.

8.45 pm Fri – The Fringe
11.30 am Sat – Gem Gallery
7 pm Sat – The Fringe
12.30 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop 1 – fiddle
1.30 pm Sun – CWA Hall – workshop 2 – whistle

Margret RoadKnight (Vic)


An Australian Folk icon with the mantra: “Have guitar, will travel”… Thousands of kilometres (perhaps with kalimba also in tow) with her distinctive songs selected from her wide-ranging repertoire gathered in her travels and over decades.

8.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
1 pm Sat – Gem Gallery – Special tribute show – Margret RoadKnight remembers Malvina Reynolds.
4.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

12.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom


Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan (Vic)

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan
Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Their arrangements are intricate and playful. Imagine Einstein, Dr Seuss and Paganini making pancakes. Ebulliently eclectic. Nefariously varied. Family fun free from facile frippery. And they won’t repeat a song all festival!

12 noon Sat – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sun – Gem Gallery
2 pm Sat – Gem Gallery – workshop


Lucky Phil

Lucky Phil
Lucky Phil

Celebrating fifty years as a performer Phil started his career in the heady seventies in Melbourne. Primarily a vocalist who accompanies himself with acoustic and slide guitars. A singer songwriter and interpreter of other people’s works. This year featuring the music of Bob Dylan.

7 pm Fri – Garden Stage
10 am Sat – Gem Gallery
12 noon Sat – Nick’s Restaurant – Special Event – Bob Dylan Tribute show
1 pm Sun – Nick’s Restaurant – Finale – Special Event – Festival KIRTAN


Koahlition Reggae Band


A festival favourite always bringing a great positive vibe to any performance. With indigenous musicians from the Torres Strait and Kuranda area as well as a multicultural line up featuring some great original compositions.

7.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
7 pm Sat – Garden Stage
2.30 pm Sat – Community Hall – workshop

Kallidad (NSW)


Combining Spanish guitar magic with rock and roll energy to create a sound that has seen the group tour across Europe, Asia and Oceania. Booming percussion and shredded nylon string guitars weave a deep web of sound that always leaves audiences breathless and begging for more!

11 pm Fri – Community Hall
10 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sunday – Garden Stage
12 noon Sat – Community Hall – workshop


Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson

Stomp, vocals, six string and lapstyle Dobro. Referencing trad folk, acoustic blues, bluegrass and ballads in original songs and trad covers with special guest female vocalist LaToya Burton.

7 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
12 noon Sat – Quincan Café
8.30 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay Café
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – Special Event – Festival Song Circle

1 pm Sat- The Garden Vibe – workshop



Jeanette Wormald Trio

Jeanette Wormald Trio
Jeanette Wormald Trio

Original songs performed in shades of folk, roots, jazz and blues take listeners into Australia’s heartland. Featuring renowned Tablelands musicians’ Dave Hart on upright double bass and Paul Vandersar on lead guitar and harmony vocals.

8 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Quincan Cafe– Special event – Festival Song Circle
3 pm Sun – Quincan Café
1 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop




Thanks to Memetica, our giant Indigenous Puppet will delight and enthrall all weekend. Join him and Uncle Laurie Padmore as they stroll through the festival and engage in thought provoking local storytelling and language.

6 pm Fri – The Fringe – Welcome to Country
9 am Sat – Yungaburra Markets
12.45 pm Sat – The Fringe
6 pm Sat – Grand Parade
12.30 pm Sun – The Fringe

Gar MacLeman (Bris)

Gar MacLeman
Gar MacLeman

Skilfully crafted original songs weaving Celtic folk, rock, blues and country, along with complex guitar tunings, diverse rhythms, a rusty voice, and harmonicas.

7 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay Café
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – Special Event – Festival Song Circle
4.45 pm Sun – Quincan Café
2 pm Sat 0 The Garden Vibe – workshop


Floyd Thursby (Vic)

Floyd Thursby
Floyd Thursby

Songs about love and death, wild nights and quiet days, sacred moments and everyday life. “Floyd has a fascinating voice, but of course, all that would be insignificant without great songs as vehicles for that voice. Thursby has armfuls of them.” (Rhythms)

7.30 pm Sat – The Fringe
10.30 am Sun – Gem Gallery


East of West

East of West
East of West

Mediterranean, jazz and Balkan influences interweave through intricate compositions and improvisations. Far from known shores, the trio’s oud, percussion and double bass map new musical territories.

10 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
3 pm Sat – Fringe Stage
7 pm Sat – Our Place Restaurant
11 am Sun Pub Ballroom
12.15 Sat – TAFE Stage – workshop 1
2 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop 2



Danny Simony and Tanya Veld

Danny Simony and Tanya Veld
Danny Simony and Tanya Veld

Danny’s Comedy Mime Puppetry and Magic Show is unique, interactive and hilarious for all ages, on ground or stilts. Danny and Tanya have been entertaining the festival circuits for many years, the colourful characters they bring are vibrant and visual.

9 am Sat – Children’s Fair area – Morning Yoga with Tanya – stretch into your day
10.30 am – TAFE Stage
12.30 pm Sun – Nick’s Restaurant
Stilt characters around the festival site. – Great photo opportunity

Andy Brassett

Andy Brassett
Andy Brassett

Combining soulful vocals with percussive guitar style and foot operated percussion. Andy’s vocals effortlessly transition from smooth falsettos to thunderous, pure blues gravel, combined with percussive rhythms and bass and accompanied by harmonica, organ, and keyboard.

7 pm Fri – Coffee and Clay Café
10 am Sat – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sat – Nick’s Restaurant


Albi and the Wolves (NZ)

Albi and the Wolves

All three musicians are powerful and compelling performers in their own right, coming together to create something larger than any individual, something incredible.
“For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack”

9 pm Fri – Pub ballroom
8 pm Sat – Garden Stage
12 noon Sun – Pub Ballroom


Mangrove Jack Retrospective

Mangrove Jack Retrospective

Celebrating 40 years as professional musicians, Mick and Bron invite some past and current members of this iconic Nth Qld band to join them on stage – take a trip down memory lane.

2.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

Margret RoadKnight remembers Malvina Reynolds

Malvina Reynolds
Malvina Reynolds

A snapshot of her friend and favourite songwriter, U.S. folk revival matriarch, MALVINA REYNOLDS.

Yes, you’ll be reminded of hit compositions “Little Boxes”, “Morningtown Ride” but the focus here is on the impressive range of Malvina’s lesser-known songs (some recorded only by Margret, some never recorded). 

Interspersed with the salient facts of Malvina’s inspiring life and career will be personal anecdotes of the Margret/Malvina connection and interaction.

1 pm Sat – Gem Gallery

Bob Dylan Tribute Show – Lucky Phil

Bob Dylan Tribute Show

Lucky Phil will be performing a selection of songs from Bob Dylan. Over lockdown, I was amazed about how many Dylan songs were in my repertoire. Digging deep into Mr Zimmerman’s catalogue is a fun thing to do. Tributes to Bob Dylan are flowing freely. Eighty years on the planet and he’s still knocking out epic songs. Love him or dislike him? What can you say about the Poetic enigma that is Bob Dylan?

12 noon Sat – Nick’s Restaurant

TFF McGinty’s Songwriter Competition

Songwriter Competition
Songwriter Competition

We invite you to enter the 2020 Competition. This prestigious event offers 3 amazing prize packages including a recording deal. We sincerely thank our three judges – Shirley Lynn, Karen Stewart and Fiona Sewell.

Emerging From 10 am, Open from 1 pm Sat CWA Hall

The Sessions July 24 – Koahlition Reggae Band


Tablelands Folk Festival and Yungaburra Hotel Present

The Sessions

Verandah Jam Session from 3 pm
Toshi Sakamoto from 7 pm
Koahlition Reggae Band from 7.30 pm
Yungaburra Hotel July 24
Guest musicians welcome

The ever evolving Koahlition Reggae Band, a local favourite, always bring a great positive vibe to any performance.

Featuring Kuranda musician Bertie Riley with his song Bundarra and other great compositions. Koahlition has not been idle.

With indigenous musicians from the Torres Strait and Kuranda area as well as a multicultural line up.

Get ready for a show you won’t get anywhere else.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Koahlition
Bandcamp: https://koahlition.bandcamp.com/
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/koahlition

July Sessions

The Sessions, June 26 – Littmus Steampunk Band

Tablelands Folk Festival and Yungaburra Hotel Present

The Sessions

Verandah Jam Session from 3 pm.
Littmus Steampunk Band and friends from 7.30 pm
Yungaburra Hotel June 26
Guest musicians welcome

In 1858, four intrepid people decided they would build a rocket and be the first humans to land upon the moon.

The crew were Miss Ruby Snow (Sky Pirate Queen), Sir Matthew Cogsmith (European Diplomat to Royalty) Sgt Mungo Stoker (Airship Engineer) and The Red Gentleman (Storyteller). They used only the finest English mahogany to build it and then equipped it with the grandest steam engine that ever was.

Also, a wide range of tea was brought on board for those times when a good cup of tea would be required. Alas soon after launching the rocket, it was discovered that there was a shortage of oxygen high in the atmosphere and the engine stalled and it all came crashing back to Earth amid the deep snows of the Antarctic. There the crew lay frozen for over 150 years. Eventually global warming started melting the Ice caps and our crew were discovered by modern day scientists.

After being brought back to life, they were taken to live in North Queensland, Australia. They soon realized that they had no skills to live in this modern world. So, they did the only thing they could to survive. They became musicians and formed a band.

The Littmus Steampunk Band

Hope to see you on June 26 to celebrate the music and stories of these well-seasoned voyagers!

The Sessions, May 22 – featuring JuJu Moon

The Festival’s much loved Yungaburra Sessions are back!

  • The first of The Sessions, May 22, features the cream of the local Celtic and Folk music crop with a pub verandah jam session from 3 pm.
  • Following this is the evening Session featuring Mission Beach favourites JuJu Moon live in the Yungaburra Pub Ballroom from 7.30 pm.

JuJu Moon is the songwriting, recording and production collaboration between Ian and Karen Stewart. Ian plays guitar and sings lead vocals while Karen joins him with lead vocals and saxophone.
Based at South Mission Beach they are supported in this by a talented, energetic and committed group of musical friends – Franny Francis-Piper on backing vocals, Kent Gibbins on bass a guitar, Ian Preece on drums, Kym Hall on sax and Shabaun Jones on trumpet.

JuJu Moon has been playing festivals in Far North Queensland for years including the Tablelands Folk Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Wallaby Creek, Mission Evolve and Coalescence. They have performed multiple times at original showcase events such as the TFF ‘Jangaburru Sessions’, Resonate in Cairns, The Tanks original music series, and this year the band has also recorded a track as part of a compilation album showcasing Far North Queensland original music bands called Northern Exposure 2021.

The culminating event for the project was performing at the album launch party with fifteen other original live acts at AJ Hacketts Skypark in April. The track ‘Dr Love’ has had air play this year on Cairns 89.1Fm and ABC Far North. For further info check out the JuJu Moon website www.jujumoon.com

We’re looking forward to a great day and night, bringing The Sessions back to Yungaburra.

  • Afternoon Jam Session: From 3 pm – Yungaburra Pub Verandah
  • Evening Concert Session featuring JuJu Moon: From 7.30 pm – Yungaburra Pub Ballroom

2021 AGM President’s Report

Tablelands Folk Festival
Tablelands Folk Festival

Firstly, I need to thank everyone for their patience, co-operation and hard work that was required to facilitate a music festival in a Covid-l9 year. They say hindsight has 2020 vision and last year was no exception. I thank everyone who shared the vision for a music festival regardless of the restrictions imposed and with the possibility of a totally locked-down ZOOM style festival.

Examples of ideas mooted were the possibility of drive-in theatre style concerts where the audience stayed in or near their car, numerous individual concerts held across the whole of the Tablelands over a 2 week period, etc.. All ideas coming from an extremely capable and committed festival team.

Special thanks to Bronwyn for committing to a Queensland Artists Event with emphasis on locals. What exceptional talent we have at our doorstep.

Special mention also to the rest of the Festival Committee. Such dedication is quite humbling, and l cannot thank you all enough. Steve, Sarah, Martin, Jeff Michael, Jenni, Cathie, Laurette, Uncle Laurie, Aunty Helen, Brett, Marie, Maria, lan, Phil, Heather, Andy, Nadine, the staff at the Yungaburra Hotel who continued their support and co-operation under their own stressful situation, musicians and artists who gave of themselves, volunteers, local Police and the local health department.  l’m up to ball boys and referees, so l’ll stop here.

This festival would not exist without you all equally, and if you need assurance just look at what we achieved in 2020. At no stage did we give-in and cancel the event. We provided a fantastic festival to our visitors and the community of Yungaburra. We were prepared to make an overall loss to ensure we did not go without but instead we made a surplus.

This year we will be able (hopefully) to have our Children’s Festival and our Health and Wellness participation. This coming Year is the Year of lndigenous Tourism and we are hoping to progress and expand on our initial work in 2019 with the introduction of local language through our elder Janggaburru. For those unfamiliar with our 2019 project which achieved national acclaim and is a direct link to future First Nations tourism, l’ll explain.

Janggaburru is a 4m+ high, elder of the Dulgubarra Yidinji and was featured on an ABC documentary filmed throughout the 20L9 Festival.

The Elder (Janggaburru) has comeback to Yungaburra after many decades and has found the area so transformed he no longer knows his way around.

Uncle Laurie helped Janggaburru to reorient himself by evoking the traditional names of the land and of its features. While at it they took the opportunity to also help local people discover a layer of knowledge of the area that overlaps onto current denomination used by the colonising culture.

Janggaburru partook in sessions of language teaching at the Festival, including a workshop for the creation of Street Signage in language and eventually the Elders, with a group of assistants, installed the newly made signs around the festival perimeter. The signs indicated directions for locations significant to the traditional local culture as well as translated some of the existing names into language when possible (when the name exists, ie: ‘Marrgan Street’ for ‘Maple Street’).

After the Festival we were approached by Main Roads to investigate and pursue the possibility of permanent signs to co-exist with the current signs.  This year being the Year of lndigenous Tourism is  now a prime opportunity to fulfill that dreaming.

Michael Hodgkins



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