Pizzica Pizzica – Yurlak Duo

Yurlak Duo

The tarantula’s venom makes the women feel heavy and empty inside. The only cure is dancing! Author/illustrator Hayley Egan and musician Salvatore Rossano provide an interactive, bilingual reading of the picture book “Pizzica Pizzica”, a simple and authentic account of the ancient dance ritual from the south of Italy.

4.15 pm Sat – TAFE Stage

Strings and Things – Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews

Demonstrates using alternate tunings, switching instruments, the art of improvisation, wrong notes, different techniques and thinking outside the square – all wrapped up in some unique and entertaining insights into playing music, with whatever instrument you might play.

Sat 2 pm – The Garden Vibe

Lady plays the Blues – Anita George

Introducing the fundamentals of harmonica playing including single note playing, rhythmic playing and bending notes. Bring a harmonica in the key of C. Anita is particularly keen to encourage women to attend to try and achieve some much-needed gender equality on the blues harp.

Sat 12 noon – The Garden Vibe

Balkan Dance – Xenos


Learn to dance the Balkan way. Using a few simple steps and patterns you will learn to navigate the various meters in Balkan music.

12 noon Sat – Community Hall

Sing Out Loud – Miriam Lieberman

Miriam Lieberman Trio

Enjoy connecting to the oldest and most innate instrument – your human voice! An introduction to songs of spirit from all over the world, you’ll touch on fun vocal warm-ups, West African call and response songs and an ancient Hebrew psalm.

Sat 11 am – The Garden Vibe