Yungaburra QLD Au 25-27 Oct 2024

July Sessions

JuJu Moon – July 23 Sessions – Yungaburra Pub

July Sessions

The Tablelands Folk Festival July Sessions features the fabulous JuJu Moon.

JuJu Moon is the song writing, recording and production collaboration between Ian and Karen Stewart.

Based at Mission Beach, they are supported by a wonderful band of musical friends including a punchy rhythm section, virtuosic vocalists and soaring horns. Franny Francis-Piper on backing vocals, Kent Gibbins on bass a guitar, Ian Preece on drums, Kym Hall on sax and Shabaun Jones on trumpet.

The band has played festivals, venues and events in FNQ for years including the Tablelands Folk Festival, Palm Creek Festival, Cassowary Festival, The Tanks, Resonate and Northern Exposure 2021.

Their music can be heard on local and regional radio stations including ABC Far North.

Band members celebrate the energy that everyone brings to the gig. At the Yungaburra Sessions on July 23, the JuJu’s will include songs from their new album, encompassing simple joys and existential questions.

Enjoying a set with JuJu Moon is like having a fabulous ‘JuJu’ party with some great mates you’ve known for years. It’s a family – we call it the JuJu family.

The band members acknowledge everyone’s quirks and celebrate the fun energy that each person brings to the gig.

Punters at a JuJu Moon set have often remarked on how that energy between each band member is obvious and that all look like they are having a great time – that’s because they are.

Join the JuJu’s as they fire up their amps, horns, drums and voices and perform their original songs about much of the human condition; love and lust, life and death, from simple joy to ‘what the hell is going on here?’

TFF July Sessions at the Yungaburra Pub

Verandah Jam Session from 3 pm

JuJu Moon in Concert from 7.30 pm