Plant Seeds & Sing Songs

Plant Seeds

Visit the 40th Anniversary history marquee (The Tardis) in the park and choose a ‘seed’. Or make a ‘seed’. Write your name and message on the back.

Your predictions, hopes and dreams for the future or perhaps your thought for the day.

Hang it up in the marquee for all to share.

The seeds will be laminated after the festival, placed in a time capsule and opened again in 10 years’ time at the festival’’s 50th Anniversary. Will your predictions come true?

& Sing Songs

From choirs to singalongs, and everything in between.  There’s something for everyone.

It’s all about singing – for joy, to spread a message, for learning, for laughter, for sharing – a celebration of the power of the voice.

As part of the 40th Anniversary the festival brings a whole program of songs and singing at various venues around the festival site.

Pick up your free printed ‘sing songs’ program at the festival shop or ticket sales window and join the cavalcade of song.