Rise up Singing – with Jeff Corfield and friends

Singing Session with Jeff Corfield

Songs have power. Down the years we’ve marched to war with songs and marched for peace with songs. Songs have made us laugh, made us cry, helped us to work and play. And then there are songs that simply inspire us to rise up singing together, for the sheer joy it, or for what they say to us in words and music.

My old Tablelands soul mate, the late Said de Ridder, loved to sing such songs with a fierce joy, as we shared many a rousing chorus on the veranda of the Lake Eacham pub in festivals past. This Sunday afternoon singing session aims to celebrate that spirit, by sharing songs that have inspired us to sing out, with that same fierce joy down the years. So, bring your voices, songs and instruments and join Jeff and friends to rise up singing together.

3.30 pm Sunday – Pub Verandah