Yungaburra QLD Au 25-27 Oct 2024

Tablelands Folk Festival

Sing Like the Birds!

OK, here we go!
Pack the camping gear and water bottle. Slip on a shirt, slop on sun screen and slap on a hat. Don’t forget the shades and a big cheesy grin. The October 27-29, 2023 Tablelands Folk Festival Planning is already underway.
We usually try to align the Festival with the United Nations Year of……………. But it’s a bit of a challenge this year with 2023 declared the International Year of Millet.

That’s bird seed to you and me!

Millet feeds the world, it’s easy to grow, it’s nutritious, it’s affordable, it’s hardy and versatile and so is our fabulous Festival. So following on from last years ‘Bright Seeds’ project with our magnificent seed lanterns, assisted by Memetica and RADF, and the 2020 theme of Plant Seeds and Sing Songs, we’re inspired by Kylie the Singing Budgie’s recent performance at World Pride and we’re theming the 2023 Festival – SING LIKE THE BIRDS.

We’re hoping to attract singers from around the Country and from all Nations to join us this year. As performers, volunteers and patrons to our much loved Tablelands Folk Festival right here in the historic, friendly, picturesque village of Yungaburra (Janggaburru). There’ll be such variety of entertainment this year, for young and old and everyone in between, it’ll make your head spin (in a really good way). Spread the news, plant some seeds, sing like the birds. Performer applications are already open, Volunteer EOI open soon and Festival Weekend Tickets go on sale in July.

Start getting excited!

Bronwyn Hodgkins
Program Director
I acknowledge the First Nations people, the custodians and owners of the land we occupy and pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging.