The Sessions, June 26 – Littmus Steampunk Band

Tablelands Folk Festival and Yungaburra Hotel Present

The Sessions

Verandah Jam Session from 3 pm.
Littmus Steampunk Band and friends from 7.30 pm
Yungaburra Hotel June 26
Guest musicians welcome

In 1858, four intrepid people decided they would build a rocket and be the first humans to land upon the moon.

The crew were Miss Ruby Snow (Sky Pirate Queen), Sir Matthew Cogsmith (European Diplomat to Royalty) Sgt Mungo Stoker (Airship Engineer) and The Red Gentleman (Storyteller). They used only the finest English mahogany to build it and then equipped it with the grandest steam engine that ever was.

Also, a wide range of tea was brought on board for those times when a good cup of tea would be required. Alas soon after launching the rocket, it was discovered that there was a shortage of oxygen high in the atmosphere and the engine stalled and it all came crashing back to Earth amid the deep snows of the Antarctic. There the crew lay frozen for over 150 years. Eventually global warming started melting the Ice caps and our crew were discovered by modern day scientists.

After being brought back to life, they were taken to live in North Queensland, Australia. They soon realized that they had no skills to live in this modern world. So, they did the only thing they could to survive. They became musicians and formed a band.

The Littmus Steampunk Band

Hope to see you on June 26 to celebrate the music and stories of these well-seasoned voyagers!