Welcome to Country with Elder Uncle Laurie Padmore and giant puppet Janggaburru

Elder Uncle Laurie Padmore
Elder Uncle Laurie Padmore

We Acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Yungaburra/Jangaburru, the Dulgubarra-Yindinji people and thank them for sharing Country.

“Gadan wabu nyunduubany jiba durrgan” – You all come together with a happy heart.

Yungaburra is a name given by early settlers for this village. The name was adopted from our language name for the tree species. Our Dulgubarra Yidinji name for this tree, Queensland Silver Ash, is Janggaburru (Junggu-boor-roo)” Laurie Padmore.

Followed by Festival Opening with Special Guest TRC Councillor David Clifton and TFF Festival Director Michael Hodgkins. Followed by the pipes and drums of the United Tableland Pipe Band.

Friday 6 pm – Fringe Stage