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The International Year of Indigenous Languages

Tablelands Folk Festival actively celebrates The International Year of Indigenous Languages. Our 2019 theme of “Weaving Languages” promises diversity and linguistical delights – literal, musical and dance. VIEW our WEAVING LANGUAGES performers.

Listen to Uncle Laurie Padmore welcome you to Yungaburra!



Nganyji bama Dulgubarra Yidinji bujin nyunduubany gadaana Janggaburru yinggugu. “We the Dulgubarra Yidinji People (rainforest people of the tableland yidinji nation) welcome you all to come here to Yungaburra.”

Gadan wabu nyunduubany jiba durrgan. “You all come together with a happy heart”*

Cheers, Uncle Laurie Padmore


Uncle Laurie Padmore

September Janggaburru Sessions

Littmus Steampunk Band are a ragtag bunch of time travellers from the great Victorian Age of Exploration and Invention spreading the word about the joys of steam powered machines made of wood, brass and clockwork gears.

A mix of tunes from the Age of Airships all delivered by adventurers impeccably dressed in the grand style of 19th century London. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the authorities get wind of them.

Littmus Steampunk BandThe band is currently made up of:
The Red Gentleman: Guitar, Vocals and Songwriter
Mungo Stoker: Guitar
Harbottle Grimstone: Percussion, Ukulele
Sir Mathew Cogsmith: Drums
Ruby Snow: Burlesque Dancer and Backing vocals

Coming to you as part of the Saturday September 28 Janggaburru Sessions at the Yungaburra Hotel.

This is brought to you as a little taster of what’s in store at the 2019, October 25 – 27 Tablelands Folk Festival. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets to the festival, just go to www.tablelandsfolkfestival.org.au/tickets-2019/. This year’s program is there in all it’s diverse glory with the theme of Weaving Language.

Janggaburru Sessions – Yungaburra Hotel
– Jam Session from 3 pm
Littmus Steampunk Band from 7.30 pm

September Sessions