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The International Year of Indigenous Languages

Tablelands Folk Festival actively celebrates The International Year of Indigenous Languages. Our 2019 theme of “Weaving Languages” promises diversity and linguistical delights – literal, musical and dance. VIEW our WEAVING LANGUAGES performers.

Listen to Uncle Laurie Padmore welcome you to Yungaburra!

Nganyji bama Dulgubarra Yidinji bujin nyunduubany gadaana Janggaburru yinggugu. “We the Dulgubarra Yidinji People (rainforest people of the tableland yidinji nation) welcome you all to come here to Yungaburra.”

Gadan wabu nyunduubany jiba durrgan. “You all come together with a happy heart”*

Cheers, Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore

August Janggaburru Sessions

Rocking crowds in Far North Queensland for over a decade, Benny and the Clones deliver powerful and passionate original music to anyone who will listen. Lead singer/songwriter Ben Radford is a prolific songwriter and has described the band as a love child of Thom Yorke, Jeff Tweedy, Gene and Dean Ween, Beck, The Go-Betweens and Dan Kelly. That’s a lot of parents to have, but a particular style has emerged they can easily call their own.

Their lyrics don’t fluff around – often going straight for the jugular on issues like politics, religion, environment, the inner workings of the human being, and (much to their wives’ delight) the joys of relationships and marriage!

Benny and The Clones are the feature act for the August Janggaburru Sessions brought to you by the Tablelands Folk Festival.

Saturday August 24 at Yungaburra (Janggaburru) Pub. Come for lunch and stay through to the evening. Or come for dinner and enjoy the show.  There’s no cover charge.

Verandah Jam session from 3 pm. – all ages and stages welcome.
Benny and The Clones in Concert from 7.30 pm.
Chalkboard session included.  Families very welcome.