The Mouldy Lovers

This furiously energetic seven headed creature incorporates a range of genres including folk, punk, ska and world music, which crafts a unique, and raucous live performance style, all impassioned swagger and vitriol, bleeding truth and boogie-woogie.

11 pm Fri – Community Hall
9 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage
10 am Sat – Community Hall – SUPERJAM

The Long Johns

The Long Johns are the twang of the banjo, the rumble of the sousaphone and the ring of the spittoon, the creak of the door, the crow of the rooster, the stomping of floorboards and the hammering of the chain gang.

10 pm Fri – Garden Stage
8 pm Sat Garden Stage

Tessa Devine

Bringing to the stage a full audial experience, using Guitars, Keyboard, Harmonica, Loop Pedals, Drum Machine, Stomp box and other Percussion. But what really sets Tessa apart is her powerful vocals and incredible vocal range.

1.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
11 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – “Women in Song”
1.15 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe

Cachicamo Latin Harp

A lively family group that portrays a diversity of music from the Andes to Cuba with Spanish, Portuguese, African, and native American backgrounds; from sensual to cheerful rhythms that guarantee a vibrant experience through time and culture

11 am Sat – Garden Stage
9 pm Sat – Garden Stage
12 noon Sun – Garden Stage

Gypsy Rumble

Heralded as “Australia’s quirkiest and possibly first!! Ukulele, Celtic/Folk, Reggae, Bluegrass band” the Gypsy Rumble has its roots in Celtic, world and bush dance fun. Enthralling, highly energetic performances carry audiences back in time blending showmanship, artistry and tradition.

10 pm Fri – Community Hall
11 pm Sat – Community Hall
2.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage
10 am Sat – SUPERJAM – Community Hall