Ungus Ungus Ungus – Vic

Ungus Ungus Ungus - Vic
Ungus Ungus Ungus

Australia’s premier peddlers of vaudevillian psychedelia, strap you in for a rollercoaster ride of dance and mayhem. This is carnivalesque party music for the creatively inclined, traversing territory from global folktronica to swing, Eastern European influences and their signature carnie-hop.

11 pm Fri – Community Hall
12.45 pm Sat – TAFE Stage – Children’s workshop
4.30 pm Sat – Garden Stage
10 pm Sat – Community Hall


Tuck Shop Ladies – Vic

Tuck Shop Ladies

An amalgamation of Australian folk music darlings Sam Lohs (Fruit) and Rosie Burgess (Rosie Burgess Trio). Strapping on a pair of ukuleles, they pull back the curtain to share an intimate selection of the often ridiculous, but always harmonious songs that were birthed in the back of a tour van.

10 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
2.45 pm Sat – Little Eden
9 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
Workshop – 11 am Sun – St Mark’s Church



The Barleyshakes – Bris

The Barleyshakes

Originally from Dublin, the Barleyshakes manage to hold hands with the tradition of Irish music while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary spirit is remarkable. Intense energy, beautiful harmony, and irresistible dance rhythms.

12.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
9 pm Sat – Community Hall
4.30 Sun – Pub Ballroom
Workshop #1 – 10 am Sun – CWA Hall
Workshop #2 – 1 pm Sun – Gem Gallery


Skiffle Party – Vic

Skiffle Party - Vic

Skiffle is high energy upbeat American roots music. The birth of British rock. Skiffle Party play music exploring this rich tradition of American hillbilly and blues music incorporating Classic skiffle tunes and sing-along versions of many well-known traditional folk songs.

8 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
8 pm Sat – Little Eden
11.30 am Sun – Pub Ballroom


Sásta – Bris


The most dynamic Irish band in Australia today, made up of multi-instrumentalists who have performed at the highest national level, playing festivals, concerts and gigs since 2010. Pumping reels with phenomenal energy, with renditions of your favourite Irish songs, with some superbly-penned original tunes and songs.

8 pm Fri – Community Hall
10 pm Sat – Garden Stage
12.45 pm Sun – Garden Stage
Workshop – 1 pm – Community Hall


Sarah Calderwood and Paul Brandon – Bris

Sarah Calderwood and Paul Brandon
Sarah Calderwood and Paul Brandon

Often praised for their capacity to sound new and old at once, Sarah and Paul anchor their music in the space where tradition and innovation intertwine. Imagine singing story songs together with vocals, guitar and whistles in a cosy living room with squashy armchairs. Relax and enjoy.

10.45 am Sat – Pub Ballroom
11 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
12.30 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
Workshop #1 – 4.30 pm Sat Gem Gallery
Workshop #2 – 11 am Sun – CWA Hall


Round Mountain Girls – NSW

Round Mountain Girls
Round Mountain Girls

If Mumford and Sons, The Pogues and Metallica had a three-way love-child it would be a Round Mountain Girls. The finest purveyors of Celtabillypunkfolkrootsgrass in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll forget you’ve got a mortgage, forget your dog’s just died and ignore for a moment that the ice caps are melting.

10 pm Fri – Garden Stage
8 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sun – Garden Stage
Workshop – 10.30 am Sat – Gem Gallery


Munsterbucks – NSW


Festival favourites, these boys return in 2022, bringing you the upbeat sounds of Ireland on fiddle, mandolin and guitar with charismatic front man Jack O’Leary himself.

9 pm Fri – Little Eden
3.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
7 pm Sat – Our Place Restaurant (Bookings essential)
11 pm Sat – Garden Stage


Monique Clare – Bris

Monique Clare - Bris

With just her voice, four strings and a cello bow, Monique Clare carves out a musical landscape to get lost in. Her music is mesmerising, cathartic and offbeat. Driving rhythms collide with intricate cello lines; heart-tugging harmonies are woven through compelling vocals.

11.45 am Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
10.45 am Sun – Pub Ballroom
Workshop – 3.30 pm Sat – Gem Gallery


Hello Tut Tut – NSW

Hello Tut Tut

A stimulating musical journey shaped by the aesthetics of cultures from around the world. Exploring their heritage through a unique blend of gypsy, klezmer and latin sounds with a heart pumping high energy performance that’ll be sure to get you off your seat and dancing!

10 pm Fri – Community Hall
11 pm Sat – Community Hall
11.45 am Sun – Garden Stage
Workshop – 11 am Sat – Community Hall



Albi and the Wolves – NZ

Albi and the Wolves – NZ

All three musicians are powerful and compelling performers in their own right. But when they come together, they create something larger than any individual, something incredible.
“For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack”

9 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
9 pm Sat – Garden Stage
2.30 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom