The Timbers

The TimbersThumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. Songs soaked in male vocal harmonies, awash with intricate banjo and mandolin licks, on a foundation of solid piano and all held together by pounding dance rhythms from foot percussion.

Fri 11 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10 pm – Community Hall
Sun 3.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 10.30 am – Community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop

Jack O’Leary Trio


Irish music though a contemporary lens. Between Guitar, Bodhran, Flute and Whistle, this team of multi instrumentalists know how to create a through musical connection. 
The art of song and storytelling will provide a unique insight into their musical journey.

Sat 4.30 pm – Quincan Cafe
Sat 11 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 4.30 pm – Garden Stage

All Strings Attached

– Brisbane
With soaring Eastern-European inspired violin melodies fused with hip-shaking rhythms, driving guitar riffs and layered vocals, All Strings Attached live performances lead their audience on a merry dance of high energy mayhem

Fri 10 pm – Community Hall
Sat 4:30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 11 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10.30 am – Community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop

Anna Smyrk

Anna Smyrk
From the sapphire waters of the Solomon Islands, to crumbling Cambodian towns, to the loneliness of a megacity in the Philippines. With sun-drenched vocal harmonies, rich violin and songs about far-flung places, folk troubadour Anna Smyrk takes you on a journey around the world

Sat 1 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 9.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 12.45 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 10.30 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop

Buri Guman and Ngamu Karrkay Duo

Buri Guman’s dynamic stage presence expose and educate audiences in cultural knowledge systems through ancient language, song and dance, with stories from the north. Passionate in keeping culture alive, Ngamu Karrkay Duo share songs with Bama words and tones entwined.

Sat 8 pm – Garden Stage

Luke Plumb and the Circuit

The Circuit
– Vic
Grounded in traditional music, driven by dance rhythms and highlighted by sparkling interwoven melody and improvisation. “Enough imagination and innovation to inspire a new generation… folk music of breathtaking originality”

Fri 11 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 11.30 am – Pub Ballroom
Sun 11.45 am – Pub Ballroom
Sat 4 pm – The Garden Vibe – workshop

Miriam Lieberman Trio

Miriam Lieberman Trio
Infusing her love of nature, and West African rhythms into her songs, Miriam inspires a feeling of bold wanderlust. Original music and three-part vocal harmonies played on kora accompanied by soaring violin parts

Fri 7 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 2 pm – TAFE Stage
Sat 9 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 12:45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 11 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop

Open Season

Open Season
– Brisbane
Boot stompin’ hootin’ and hollerin’ old-fashioned fun. Open Season is a mix of traditional and modern country paired best with a spilled beer

Fri 9 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10 am – Garden Stage
Sat 9 pm – Community Hall


An expressive voice and a natural affinity for guitar, live performance brings this songwriter’s introspection, playfulness and raw passion to life. Blurring the lines between singing and spoken word, STAV is totally at home on stage. Captivating

Fri 8.30 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 10.45 am – Pub Ballroom
Sat 3 pm – Quincan Café
Sun 10 am – Quincan Café – Festival SongCircle

Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore
An Aboriginal perspective on post history in Yungaburra regarding events that impacted on the lives of its recipients, along with an information sharing session covering language names of local flora and fauna, artefacts, and a creation story incorporating our wonderful Festival Puppet, “Djanggaburru”

Sat 12.15 pm – Health & Wellness Fair
Sun 11 am – Health & Wellness Fair
Sun 2 pm – Fringe Stage



XENOS play the music of the Gypsies of Macedonia, driven by subtle complex and captivating rhythms, woven through with seductive sax solos in mysterious and evocative scales. Liquid gold saxophone, zurna takes you to forgotten realms, songs of love and death in Rom. XENOS steals your heart and feet – the music of the Balkan Roma

Fri 11 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 7 pm – Community Hall
Sun 2.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 12 noon – Community Hall – workshop 1
Sun 10.30 am – St Mark’s Church – workshop 2
Sun 11.30 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop 3