Songwriter’s Competition 2021 winners

Winners are:
Emerging Category:
Encouragement Award – Kevin Hazell
Emerging Category Winner – Isabella Allison
Emerging – Best Song – John Rainbird

Open Category:
Highly Commended – Ingrid Piper
Open Category Winner – Rowan Sizer and Alice Fitzgerald [Ally Row]
Open – Best Song – Reuben Dwyer

Judges this year were – Karen Stewart, Julia Starr, Fiona Sewell and Shirley Lynn

Ingrid Piper
Isabella Allison
John Rainbird
Open Category winners with one of our judges, Fiona Sewell.
Reuben Dwyer
Rowan and Alice

Daylight Saving: Anna Smyrk’s long distance love songs

Anna Smyrk

With a voice described as ‘truly astonishing’ by Rolling Stone, Anna Smyrk is a powerful singer, song-maker and storyteller. Accompanied by violin, bass and drums, she makes anthemic indie-folk music that appeals to word nerds and melody obsessives alike.

3.45 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
8.30 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
1.45 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom



Be transported with Zumpà to forgotten Italian fishing villages, moonlit olive groves and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour.

10.30 pm Friday – Garden Stage
11.45 am Saturday – Garden Stage
11.45 am Sunday – Garden Stage
8.45 pm Saturday – The Fringe Stage – Good Tunes Session

The Salty Sirens


These sapphic sailors will lead you through traditional and modern sea shanties, tales of shipwork, daring adventure, defiance and debauchery. Hoist the anchor and limber up those sealegs – these aren’t your grandpa’s sea shanties!

4 pm Sat – Nick’s Restaurant
7.45 pm Sat – The Fringe Stage
4 pm Sunday – Quincan Cafe

Rhyley McGrath

A travelling musician gaining fans around Australia with his soulful vocal, catchy originals and a honed skill on guitar. Specialising in the space between finger-picking blues of the Delta and acoustic folk.

7.30 pm Fri – The Fringe Stage
4.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
7.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

Los Caracoles

Led by Chilean freedom activist songwriter Segundo Nitor and co-founder Angela Zammataro. Drawing on diverse histories with their authentic Latic rhythms, Los Caracoles tell stories about social challenges, the environment, immigration, love, ordinary heroes and just pure fun.

7.30 pm Fri – Nick’s Restaurant
3.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
7 pm Sat – Garden Stage

Julian James

Julian James

From Melbourne’s back-alley bars to Australia’s major Festivals, Julian James is loved by folk and blues audiences all over Australia. With his whiskey drenched sound as much at home in 2021 as it would have been blaring out of the wireless in 1921.

1 pm Sat – Quincan Café
4.45 pm Sat – Garden Stage
3.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom

Greshka (Bris)


Loosen your suspenders, tighten your shoelaces and get ready to flap your extremities! Greshka is a five piece neo-gypsy/klezmer ensemble not unlike a chipotle and cocaine kebab: you’re not sure where it’s from, but it sure knocks you off your tits.

9 pm Fri – Community Hall
11 pm Sat – Community Hall
1.45 pm Sunday – Garden Stage
12 noon Sun – Gem Gallery – workshop

Ally Row


An indie-folk singer/songwriter two-piece band travelling up the Queensland Coast. Alice on piano and Rowan on guitar, and together they create raw and emotive harmonies while performing originals that get stuck in your head.

9 pm Fri – Pub ballroom
8 pm Sat – Garden Stage
12 noon Sun – Pub Ballroom

Fromage à Trois

Fromage a Trois

There’s nothing cheesy about the beautiful music of Maria Pesavento, Bruce Wannan & Jane Younghusband as they take you on a journey through original songs to see the Northern lights, whinge about politics, play on the beach and look at life through the eyes of a dog.

7:45 pm Fri – Coffee and Clay

John Buttigieg

John Buttigieg

An experimental solo finger-style guitar player since the age of 10, always experimenting with new sounds, open tunings to exemplify the variety of ways the guitar can be played!

8.45 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
1 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

An award-winning Songwriter from Northern NSW taking the intimacy of folk and fusing it with a love of all things vintage and rock ‘n’ roll. Ben’s music is nostalgic, pensive, a quest for authenticity, with song writing always at its core.

8 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
7 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
4 pm Sat – Gem Gallery – workshop

Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack

A retrospective of 40 years in the music business, looking forward, looking back. This year with some very special guests.

9.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
2.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom

8 Ball Aitken (Bris)


Playing original swamp-blues to get the party started. His new album Ice Cream Man topped the Australian blues charts, and he won #2 prize in the 2021 New Orleans International Cigar Box Guitar competition with his 3-string slide guitar.

11 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
9.15 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
4.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
11 am Sat – Community Hall – workshop

33 and 1/3


North Queensland’s favourite Celtic folk band returns to the Festival with a fresh line-up ready to delight audiences with a rousing performance of both traditional and contemporary songs and tunes.

10 am Sat – TAFE Stage
11 am Sun – Garden Stage

Woyaya and BellaCappella


These two great community choirs sing beautiful songs from across the globe.  There are three Saturday opportunities where you can enjoy their various collaborations.

10 am Saturday – Community Hall – Tableland Community Choir Bellacappella invites all festival patrons to voice their joy in a BIG SING.  This session is open to all ages and genders, no experience necessary.  Song Sheets are available at the door.

12 noon Saturday – The Garden Vibe – A festival regular, WOYAYA will give you a joyful selection of songs from around the world including new songs written by choir director Jane Younghusband.

2.30 pm Sat – Community Hall – MEGACHOIR  – combining Woyaya and BellaCappella in a glorious celebration of song.

United Tableland Pipe Band


As the finale of our Official Festival Welcome to Country and Opening Ceremony this year, we are delighted to bring you the pipes and drums of the Tableland United Pipe Band. You’ll hear them coming, they’ll stir your senses and bring a smile to your dial. Dance your tartan off on Saturday night in the Hall.

6 pm Fri – The Fringe – Festival Official opening
7.45 pm Sat – Community Hall – Dance

Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore
Uncle Laurie Padmore

Join Festival Giant Puppet Janggaburru and Dulgubarra Yidinji Elder Uncle Laurie as they guide us through original stories related to the local flora and fauna, sharing culture and language.

6 pm Fri – The Fringe – Special event – Welcome to Country
2.30 pm Sat – The Fringe
12.30 pm Sun – The Fringe

Tullara (NSW)


Born and raised on a parrot farm in northern NSW (true story), Folk/Roots/Pop rocker Tullara takes the genre to a whole new level, full of enticing swagger and powerful emotion.

7.45 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay
11.15 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – Special Event – Festival Song Circle
4.30 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe
1.45 pm Sat – Community Hall – workshop

Tom and Keryn

Tom and Keryn
Tom and Keryn

The role of women in society is under scrutiny. We reflect on what folk music reveals about the lives of women through the centuries. Women have been singing, writing songs, and raising their voices forever. Come sing with them.

11.30 am Sun – Nick’s Restaurant – workshop – Women in Song

The Steele Syndicate (Bris)

The Steele Syndicate
The Steele Syndicate

It’s all about the groove. Steele McMahon’s Brisbane-based octet is raucous, punchy and fun, with a genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock. The band packs a roaring, four-piece horn section and a rhythm section to match.

10 pm Fri – Community Hall
9 pm Sat – Garden Stage
4.45 pm Sunday – Garden Stage

The Jazzuleles

The Jazzuleles
The Jazzuleles

Showcasing their original music released in 2020 and launching their new album for 2021. ‘Flight’ is a collection of instrumental pieces composed for two ukuleles. The album has been created for all those on a healing journey.

10.00 am Sat – Quincan Café
4.30 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe – album launch
10.30 am Sun – Nick’s Restaurant
1 pm Sun – The Garden Vibe – workshop

The E spot

Tablelands Folk Festival

Reminiscing on past glories and reinventing the musical wheel, local folk legend and instrumental maestro Pete Ella is joined by fellow musos and friends – Mick O’Mara, brother Rob, Ben Wilson from The Button Collective. Who knows who else may pop up.

12.45 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
4.30 pm Sat – Quincan Café

Tessa Devine

Tessa Devine
Tessa Devine

Singing from her soul, weaving stories of heartbreak and hope.  Looped guitar knitted with sublime soprano harmonies, Tessa’s range is impressive, and the intricacy of her songs magical.

8.45 pm Fri – Coffee and Clay Café
10.30 pm Sat – Pub Ballroom
2.45 pm Sun – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Sun – Quincan Café – workshop

Melodious (T’ville)


Beautiful diverse melodies in tune and song played with colour, skill, and love on fiddles, whistles and more. There will be Celtic, European east and west, middle eastern moments, and elements from American and Australian traditions.

8.45 pm Fri – The Fringe
11.15 am Sat – The Garden Vibe
7 pm Sat – The Fringe
12.30 pm Sun – CWA – workshop 1 – fiddle
1.30 pm Sun – CWA Hall – workshop 2 – whistle

Lucky Phil

Lucky Phil
Lucky Phil

Celebrating fifty years as a performer Phil started his career in the heady seventies in Melbourne. Primarily a vocalist who accompanies himself with acoustic and slide guitars. A singer songwriter and interpreter of other people’s works. This year featuring the music of Bob Dylan.

7 pm Fri – Garden Stage
10.45 am Sat – The Garden Vibe
12 noon Sat – Nick’s Restaurant – Special Event – Bob Dylan Tribute show
1 pm Sun – Nick’s Restaurant – Finale – Special Event – Festival KIRTAN

Legends of Perhaps

Legends of Perhaps
Legends of Perhaps

Indie/Folk/Pop bands ‘Legends of Perhaps’, flaunt a melodic infusion of guitar, synth, bass, soulful cello and eclectic beats, weaving tapestries of euphoric timbres and textures.

8.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
10.45 am Sat – Garden Stage
11.30 am Sun – TAFE Stage
2.30 pm Sun – CWA Hall – workshop

Koahlition Reggae Band


A festival favourite always bringing a great positive vibe to any performance. With indigenous musicians from the Torres Strait and Kuranda area as well as a multicultural line up featuring some great original compositions.

7.30 pm Fri – Garden Stage
9 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sat – Community Hall – workshop

Kallidad (NSW)


Combining Spanish guitar magic with rock and roll energy to create a sound that has seen the group tour across Europe, Asia and Oceania. Booming percussion and shredded nylon string guitars weave a deep web of sound that always leaves audiences breathless and begging for more!

11 pm Fri – Community Hall
10 pm Sat – Community Hall
3.45 pm Sunday – Garden Stage
12 noon Sat – Community Hall – workshop

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson

Stomp, vocals, six string and lapstyle Dobro. Referencing trad folk, acoustic blues, bluegrass and ballads in original songs and trad covers with special guest female vocalist LaToya Burton.

7 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
12 noon Sat – Quincan Café
8.30 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay Café
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – Special Event – Festival Song Circle

1 pm Sat- Gem Gallery – workshop

Jeanette Wormald Trio

Jeanette Wormald Trio
Jeanette Wormald Trio

Original songs performed in shades of folk, roots, jazz and blues take listeners into Australia’s heartland. Featuring renowned Tablelands musicians’ Dave Hart on upright double bass and Paul Vandersar on lead guitar and harmony vocals.

8 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sun – Quincan Cafe– Special event – Festival Song Circle
3 pm Sun – Quincan Café
1 pm Sun – Gem Gallery – workshop

Ivy Amara

Ivy Amara
Ivy Amara

Flowing with the river of life, growing, learning and expanding. The feeling is that of comfort and her music comes from the soul.

1 pm Sat – The Garden Vibe
12 noon  Sun – Quincan Café 

Gar MacLeman (Bris)

Gar MacLeman
Gar MacLeman

Skilfully crafted original songs weaving Celtic folk, rock, blues and country, along with complex guitar tunings, diverse rhythms, a rusty voice, and harmonicas.

7 pm Sat – Coffee and Clay Café
10 am Sun – Quincan Café – Special Event – Festival Song Circle
4.45 pm Sun – Quincan Café
2 pm Sat – Gem Gallery – workshop

East of West

East of West
East of West

Mediterranean, jazz and Balkan influences interweave through intricate compositions and improvisations. Far from known shores, the trio’s oud, percussion and double bass map new musical territories.

10 pm Fri – Pub Ballroom
1.45 pm Sat – Garden Stage
7 pm Sat – Our Place Restaurant
11 am Sun Pub Ballroom
12.15 Sat – TAFE Stage – workshop 1
2 pm Sun – Gem Gallery
– workshop 2

Danny Simony and Tanya Veld

Danny Simony and Tanya Veld
Danny Simony and Tanya Veld

Danny’s Comedy Mime Puppetry and Magic Show is unique, interactive and hilarious for all ages, on ground or stilts. Danny and Tanya have been entertaining the festival circuits for many years, the colourful characters they bring are vibrant and visual.

9 am Sat – Children’s Fair area – Morning Yoga with Tanya – stretch into your day
10.30 am Sun – TAFE Stage
12.30 pm Sun – Nick’s Restaurant
Stilt characters around the festival site. – Great photo opportunity

Andy Brassett

Andy Brassett
Andy Brassett

Combining soulful vocals with percussive guitar style and foot operated percussion. Andy’s vocals effortlessly transition from smooth falsettos to thunderous, pure blues gravel, combined with percussive rhythms and bass and accompanied by harmonica, organ, and keyboard.

7 pm Fri – Coffee and Clay Café
9.30 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
10 am Sat – Pub Ballroom

Skyhigh Juggling

Skyhigh Juggling

Australia’s number one Specialty Comedy, Juggling, Tall Unicycle Show… Somewhere between Laurel & Hardy and Cirque Du Soleil.

5.45 pm Saturday on the Main Street

Talitha Jae

Talitha Jae

A breath of fresh air on a sunny breezy day, Talitha gets her inspiration from a mix of jazz, folk, country, indie, pop, and blues. If you’re lucky enough to catch this little miss sunshine in one of her dynamic performances, you will surely drift away into the neverlands, bundled up in good feels.

7 pm Fri – The Garden Vibe
12 noon Sat – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sunday – The Garden Vibe