2018 WOYAYAEverywhere
Celebrating the beauty of Acappella songs from all over the world, including songs from Africa, Macedonia and Papua New Guinea, alongside Gospel and contemporary songs from closer to home.
2.15 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage

Uncle Laurie Padmore

With a rich history playing mainly lead, rhythm and bass guitar in country/rock bands in Tasmania, Uncle Laurie is partial to most music genres.
10 am Saturday – Quincan Café – Workshop
3.45 pm Saturday – Quincan Café


UKE Nomad

UKE NOMADTownsville
Invoking the troubadours of old with their folk/jazz songs and stories about life on the road. Showcasing tenor and bass ukuleles in a whole new tonal light, they loop, flute and soar their way right into your heart.
7.45 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage

The Kroovs

The KroovsPort Douglas
A high energy duo, featuring fiddle, mandolin, guitar, flute and drums playing songs ranging from piracy, whisky, cowboys, gypsies, cocaine, love and murder.
10 pm Friday – Garden Stage
9 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
10.15 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom


The only Argentine Tango school in Cairns offering classes with a ‘teaching couple’ who can give the students both Leader’s and Follower’s specific insight and guidance. Their teaching technique aims to help students learn Tango in a simple, lively and playful way while preserving tradition and promoting multiculturalism.
11.30 am Saturday – Community Hall – Performance and workshop

Sunny Ray

Sunny RayKuranda
Recently relocated from NZ, Sunny Ray Brings depth, passion and authenticity dripped in the sweetness of truth and beauty. Her music draws from folk, roots, reggae, soul, and world music.
10 am Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
12 noon Saturday – Health & Wellness Fair – workshop
4.30 pm Saturday – Children’s Festival
4.30 pm Sunday – Quincan Café

Shirley Lynn

Shirley LynnCairns
A multi-award winning North Queensland songwriter Shirley explores perspectives, tells stories, shifts, shapes and shares thoughts and feelings with meaning brimming with keen observation and introspective views.
10 am Sunday – Quincan Café – Festival Songcircle

Robert Cini

Robert CiniInnisfail
A deeply melodic songwriter infusing multiple genres. Incredible live performer who has a unique aura on stage and ability to capture audiences and passes by with his amazing soulful voice.
11.45 am Saturday – Quincan Café
10 am Sunday – Quincan Cafe – Festival Songcircle

Niq Reefman

Niq ReefmanGosford NSW
Fusion-gypsy Niq Reefman is a one-man-musical, dubbed as “Tim Minchin flying a trumpet through a thunderstorm” Drawing curiosity globally with his eclectic tale-spinning songs, he’s also the BEST IN THE WORLD at playing trumpet and accordion simultaneously.
11.30 am Saturday – Children’s Festival
1.30 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage
11 am Sunday – Children’s Festival
3 pm Saturday – Allumbah Pocket Cottages – The Space – workshop


A good fun band that plays a diverse mix of original songs, often with a tropical or local bent. Their catchy tunes and great harmonies will definitely have you smiling.
8.30 pm Friday – Curtain Fig Stage
1.15 pm Saturday – TAFE Stage
2.30 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
4.30 pm Saturday – St Mark’s Church, Festival Service

Mangrove Jack

Mangrove JackCairns
You just can’t keep this band down.  They’re determined performers and a pleasure to watch.  No pressure whatsoever.
11 am Sunday – Pub Ballroom


LyrebirdDangar Island, NSW
This three-piece fusion, led by Weilwan/Gamilaroi woman Rachel Shields, incorporate indigenous storytelling with warm acoustics travelling genres that take you on a journey into the landscape and the heart of the songlines.
7.45 pm Friday – Pub Ballroom
12.30 pm Saturday – Children’s Festival
10 am Sunday – Obi’s Garden Vibe

Lucky Phil

Lucky PhilCairns
Award winning songwriter, playing acoustic and slide guitar, harmonicas and foot percussion. Tailoring his song set to suit the crowd’s mood and temperament. A festival favourite.
7 pm Friday – Curtain Fig Stage
10 am Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage
11.45 am Sunday – Curtain Fig Stage
4.30 pm Sunday – The Gem Gallery – workshop

Lisa Lazuli

Lisa LazuliYamba
With raw sensitivity and passionate grace Lisa Lazuli pours her whole heart from a full cup into the art of song writing.  Accompanied by guitar, double bass and some feet rhythms, Lisa invites listener to take a musical journey with her.
11 am Saturday – Quincan Cafe

Lady Valiant

Lady ValiantPt Douglas
Inspired by the vast cotton fields and people of Mississippi, moonshine and summer childhoods wandering through the bush, Lady Valiant’s music speaks to another time and place.
9 pm Friday – Garden Stage
1 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe

John Buttigieg

John ButtigiegCairns
An experimental solo finger-style guitar player. Playing guitar since the age of 10, John has always experimented with new sounds, open tunings and new unique ways of playing the guitar.  Featured in the Festival Young Maestros in 2017.
10.30 am Saturday – Pub Ballroom – Riffs, Licks & Chops
7 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
11 am Sunday – Obi’s Garden Vibe

Joe & Harmony

Joe & HarmonySydney
Two groovy cats torn from the psychedelic pages of San Francisco history who sing acoustic, tie-dye interpretations of revolutionary songs from the 1960’s.
9.15 pm Friday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
2.15 pm Saturday – Quincan Café
10 am Sunday – Curtain Fig Stage

Jody & Innes

2018 Jody + InnesBrisbane
High energy bluegrass music and songs – with flying fingers on banjo, guitar and mandolin and some sweet harmonies.
11.15 pm Friday – Pub Ballroom
10.30 am Saturday – Pub Ballroom (Innes) – Riffs, Licks & Chops
12.30 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
4.30 pm Saturday – Quincan Café
11 am Sunday – St Mark’s Church (Innes) workshop
2.30 pm Sunday – The Gem Gallery (Jody) workshop

Jo Davie

Jo DavieBrisbane
Graced with jazz sensibilities, exceptional vocal technique and a four-octave range, singer-songwriter Jo Davie offers up heartfelt and genuine storytelling.

4.30 pm Saturday Pub Ballroom
10 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
10 am Sunday – St Mark’s Church – workshop
12.15 pm Sunday – Obi’s Garden Vibe

Gentle Persons Club

Gentle Persons ClubBrisbane
A bewitching traditional folk-rock sound with a contemporarily stunning new face slapped upon it. A high energy ‘world-roots’, vintage sensibility with a western twist resonating from well-crafted and insanely catchy songs.
8 pm Friday – Garden Stage
3.30 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
10.30 am Saturday – Community Hall – workshop
11 am Sunday – Garden Stage

Gar MacLeman

2018-Gar Mac LemanHarvey Bay
Skillfully crafted original songs weave Celtic folk, rock, blues and country, and along with complex guitar tunings, diverse rhythms, a rusty voice, and harmonicas, transport the listener inside the song stories Gar creates.
7.45 pm Friday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
3.45 pm Saturday – Quincan Café
11.30 am Sunday – Quincan Café
1 pm Sunday – St Mark’s Church – workshop

Franko Brasileiro

Franko BrasileiroTablelands
About 6 years ago Franko fell in love with Brazilian music and started playing finger style guitar and singing in Portuguese. Welcome to the Bossa Nova and Samba music.
10.30 am Saturday – Pub Ballroom – Riffs, Licks & Chops
7.30 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
12.45 pm Sunday – Quincan
3 pm Sunday – St Mark’s Church – workshop

Ella Belfanti

Ella BelfantiYoung singer/songwriter and award-winning percussive guitarist Ella Belfanti explores a plethora of tones and sounds from her guitar and vocals, taking the audience on a journey from ballads, to light-hearted jigs, to funky renditions of classic rock.
10.30 pm Friday – Pub Ballroom
10.45 am Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage
8.15 pm Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
2 pm Sunday – St Mark’s Church – workshop

Earth’s Calling

Earth's CallingCairns
Strong heart-felt lyrics, drawn from Susan’s experiences growing up in the Australian bush with her horses.  Joined on the Festival stage by her band, creating both amazing harmonies and wonderful music from her recently released album ‘Earth’s Calling’.
7 pm Friday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
1.30 pm Saturday – Quincan Café
8.30 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage


Cat Canteri

Cat CanteriMelbourne
With poignant and poetic lyrics, and a candid and disarming stage presence Cat Canteri’s effortless velvet vocals are juxtaposed by her energetic live performances and her reckless and bold electric guitar.
1.45 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom – Album Launch
7 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage
1.30 pm Sunday – Quincan Cafe

Bobby Maguire

Bobby MaguireJulatten
Showcasing his upbeat repertoire of unique original compositions performed vibrantly through live guitar/percussion looping, coupled with sweetly magnetic vocals and a fun, cheeky stage presence.
7.45 pm Friday – Quincan Café
12.15 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage

Blue Reed

Blue ReedCairns
The sexy smooth sounds of jazz legends and icons Stephane Grappeiil and Django Reinhardt. Think sultry cafes, smoky moody European jazz bars, and a sound that immediately delivers a hit right back to the eras of Gypsy Jazz.
12 noon Saturday – The Gem Gallery – Workshop
9 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage
11.45 am Sunday – Obi’s Garden Vibe


Rebecca and Lisa have a passion for music. Tablelands locals, currently attending Atherton High, they’ve been performing as a guitar/vocal duo for 7 years and are students with Uptown Music Teaching Studios.
10 am Sunday – Children’s Festival
12.15 pm Sunday – Quincan Café

Benny & The Clones

Benny and The ClonesPort Douglas
Their lyrics don’t fluff around – often going straight for the jugular on issues like politics, religion, environment, the inner workings of the human being, and (much to their wives’ delight) the joys of relationships and marriage.
7 pm Friday – Community Hall
7 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
10 am Sunday – Garden Stage

Bella Cappella

This year presenting a vibrant mix of new choral arrangements by contemporary Australian and international composers, interspersed with a few old favourites that might inspire you to join in.
10 am Saturday – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Saturday – Curtain Fig Stage

Becci Nethery

Becci NetherySydney
2018 TSA (Tamworth Songwriters Association) Open/Contemporary winner, GMMA (Gold Medallion Media Award) Queensland Female Vocalist and National Female Artist, Becci has performed at Country music festivals in many States of Australia.
9.45 pm Friday – Pub Ballroom
11.45 am Saturday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
10 am Sunday – Quincan Café – Festival Songcircle

‘Ailan Cruze

‘Ailan- CruzeTownsville
Playing an eclectic mix of Blues, Reggae and modern covers, Gerry and Christo’s charismatic personalities make for a fantastic performance.
1 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
3 pm Saturday Curtain Fig Stage
1.30 pm Sunday – Obi’s Garden Vibe


Be transported to forgotten Italian fishing villages, moonlit olive groves and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour. Folk, gypsy and Italian world music woven together to provide a truly spaghetti and meatballs experience.
9 pm Friday – Community Hall
7 pm Saturday – Community Hall – Bush Dance
11 pm Saturday – Garden Stage

The Demon Drink

The Demon DrinkBrisbane
Plunkin’ banjo, snakin’ slide guitar and a bluesful of mouth harp! The Demon Drink swills round the bottom of your glass, before tipping the barman and giving your girl/boyfriend the dance of her/his life!
8 pm Friday – Community Hall
11.30 am Saturday – Garden Stage
8 pm Saturday – Garden Stage

The Blues Preachers

The Blues PreachersSydney
Performing a fusion of good old blues, rags, gospel and hillbilly folk, The Blues Preachers will take you to another place and time, somewhere between 1920 and 1940. Their music paints a landscape of pre-war struggle and determination with sounds reminiscent of the Deep South.
10.45 am Saturday – Garden Stage
9.15 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
4.30 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom


Crushed velvet and broken glass, cigar smoke and a gathering storm.  Songs of life and grit – RedCrow will leave you with a smile on your face & dirt in your soul. REDCROW are an APRA AMCOS sponsored act at this year’s festival.
12 noon Saturday – Pub Ballroom
4.30 Saturday – The Gem Gallery – workshop 1
12.30 pm Sunday – The Gem Gallery – workshop 2
2.30 pm Sunday – Quincan Café

Penny Davies & Roger Ilott

Warm harmonies, chiming acoustic guitars, and a passion for telling stories through song, characterise their intimate concert performances.  Penny & Roger have been performing songs from around the world for over 40 years.
2.45 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
1.45 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom
3.30 pm Sunday – The Gem Gallery – Workshop



Originally from Southern Ireland and arguably the only all-Irish band in Australia, three Bucks who love Ireland and traditional music, having a blast and bringing the best of Irish Music to your doorstep.

4.30 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
7.30 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
1 pm Saturday – The Gem Gallery – Workshop
3.30 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom

Michael Waugh

Michael WaughMelbourne
Singer-songwriter, storyteller, Golden Guitar nominee and album of the week in The Australian – Michael gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the emotional heart of everyday life. Joined by Rich Davies on guitar and vocals.
3 pm Saturday – Quincan Café
11 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
10 am Sunday – Quincan Café – Festival SongCircle
12 noon Sunday – Pub Ballroom

Lizzie Flynn & The Reckoning

With a combination of lyrical honesty and charming melodies, Lizzie Flynn writes songs that blend a little satirical storytelling with a lot of joyful emotion. A collection of original songs, which weave audiences through toe-tapping country to tender ballads.
2.30 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
9 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
1 pm Sunday – Garden Stage

Justin Bernasconi

Straddling styles and sounds from the Delta Blues, Appalachian Bluegrass, English Folk and all stops in between, his highly original tunes are infused with exciting and soulful guitar playing.
8.30 pm Friday – Obi’s Garden Vibe
10.30 am Saturday – Pub Ballroom – Riffs, Licks & Chops
8.30 pm Saturday – Pub Ballroom
1.30 pm Sunday – The Gem Gallery – workshop

JuJu Moon

JuJu MoonMission Beach
Soaring saxophones, emotive vocals, expressive guitar and Indonesian percussion combine in an energetic and vibrant sound portraying original, well crafted, meaningful songs – many depicting life in the tropics.
7 pm Friday – Pub Lounge
1.30 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
9 pm Saturday – Community Hall
3.30 pm Sunday – Garden Stage

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny MitchellNew Zealand
With a NZ Gold Guitar Award under her hat in 2017, Jenny Mitchell is New Zealand’s brightest rising star, blending country, folk and Americana into her own captivating style. An artist who knows exactly who she is and feels no need to give way.
8.45 pm Friday – Pub Ballroom
12.30 pm Saturday – Garden Stage
2.45 pm Sunday – Pub Ballroom

Hello Tut Tut

Hello Tut TutMelbourne
They’ve made a speedy ascent on the World Music scene, winning over local and international crowds with their performances. Hello Tut Tut have become well-known for throwing some of the rowdiest world music parties, filling venues with electric energy and excitement.
11 pm Friday – Community Hall
10 pm Saturday – Community Hall
4.30 pm Sunday – Garden Stage

Cigány Weaver

Cigány WeaverBrisbane
One of Australia’s most exciting gypsy-jazz ensembles who’s virtuosic and energetic live performances invoke everything from subtle toe-tapping to exuberant dance floor foot-stomping.

11 pm Friday – Garden Stage
8 pm Saturday – Community Hall
2 pm Sunday – Garden Stage