Dreamstate Circus

Dreamstate Circus

This award-winning Aussie/English Duo will delight and entertain you with their action-packed mix of acrobatics, juggling, and incredible fire manipulation. A brilliant balance between comedy and danger – This is a must-see act, with fiery chemistry!

6.30 pm Saturday on the street

Robert Cini

A deeply melodic songwriter infusing multiple genres. Incredible live performer who has a unique aura on stage and ability to capture audiences and passes by with his amazing soulful voice.

Sat 2.15 pm – Quincan Café
Sat 7.30 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sun 11.30 am – Gem Gallery


Joe Man Murphy

2019 Joe Man MurphyLike all Irish performers, Joe Man’s stories are often hilarious and based on real life events and lead into well-crafted songs presented in a world class manner that leaves the audience wanting to know more. He also performs with Festival favourites, Adelaide band, The Timbers and has penned songs on their last two albums.


Fri 8 pm – Pub Ballroom – Album Launch
Sat 4 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 10 am – Community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop

The Timbers

The TimbersThumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. Songs soaked in male vocal harmonies, awash with intricate banjo and mandolin licks, on a foundation of solid piano and all held together by pounding dance rhythms from foot percussion.

Fri 11 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10 pm – Community Hall
Sun 3.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 10.30 am – Community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop


Tom and Kerryn

These two fine singers have been raising a ruckus in folk festival sessions and performing on stage (with and without bands) for a very long time.  Steeped in folk music, their songs range from American blues to Australian and British folk.  They’re here for a good time, not a long time, and they love to sing.  Come raise your voices and join them.

11 am Sun Curtain Fig Stage – SPECIAL EVENT

Jack O’Leary Trio


Irish music though a contemporary lens. Between Guitar, Bodhran, Flute and Whistle, this team of multi instrumentalists know how to create a through musical connection. 
The art of song and storytelling will provide a unique insight into their musical journey.

Sat 4.30 pm – Quincan Cafe
Sat 11 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 4.30 pm – Garden Stage

Adrian Thomas

Adrian Thomas
Sacred chant music fused into Island/Roots and sharing his poetry of the sublime with his passion for the divine! A musical journey through First Nations/Hindu/Hebrew/Sufi/Pagan/Buddhist/Christian and Sumerian faith and into the common thread that unites us all.

Sat 1.30 pm Gem Gallery


All Strings Attached

– Brisbane
With soaring Eastern-European inspired violin melodies fused with hip-shaking rhythms, driving guitar riffs and layered vocals, All Strings Attached live performances lead their audience on a merry dance of high energy mayhem

Fri 10 pm – Community Hall
Sat 4:30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 11 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10.30 am – Community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop



Anita George

– Vic
A natural storyteller and evocative songwriter matched only by her stunning voice, carefully crafted folk guitar playing, occasional toots of the blues harmonica, and charismatic onstage presence

Sat 3.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 12 noon – Garden Stage
Sun 1.15 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 12 noon – The Garden Vibe – workshop


Anna Smyrk

Anna Smyrk
From the sapphire waters of the Solomon Islands, to crumbling Cambodian towns, to the loneliness of a megacity in the Philippines. With sun-drenched vocal harmonies, rich violin and songs about far-flung places, folk troubadour Anna Smyrk takes you on a journey around the world

Sat 1 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 9.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 12.45 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 10.30 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop



Bad Boys of Uke

Bad Boys of Uke
– Cairns
Four musicians who found the Ukulele suited the style of their multicultural get togethers, Bad Boys of Uke play popular hit and dance songs, totally on electric ukes. They have been known to out rock many a guitar band. Their ballads will also fill the dance floor – bring your uke and join the fun

Sat 1.15pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 7 pm – Yungaburra Pitstop Garden



This Community Choir will present a vibrant mix of new choral arrangements by contemporary Australian and international composers, interspersed with a few old favourites that might inspire you to join in.

Sat 10 am – Pub Ballroom
Sat 4 pm – Curtain Fig – Megachoir with Woyaya


Buri Guman and Ngamu Karrkay Duo

Buri Guman’s dynamic stage presence expose and educate audiences in cultural knowledge systems through ancient language, song and dance, with stories from the north. Passionate in keeping culture alive, Ngamu Karrkay Duo share songs with Bama words and tones entwined.

Sat 8 pm – Garden Stage

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews– WA
With a larger than life stage presence, some mind-blowing guitar shenanigans, and an ability to weave yarns and stories in song with the best of them, Kununurra based Chris Matthews will startle and astound with his uniquely Australian sound

Fri 8.45 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 11.15 am – Quincan Café
Sun 1.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 2 pm – The Garden Vibe – workshop




A versatile ensemble playing contemporary arrangements of West African rhythms. Their performance consists of a wide variety of rhythms, songs and dances

Fri 7 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 10.45 am TAFE Stage
Sat 8.15 pm Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 2 pm – Health and Wellness Fair – workshop 1
Sun 2.30 pm The Garden Vibe – workshop 2


Don Jarmey

– Bris
Co-founder of Palm Creek and Neurum Creek Festivals, Don’s style is acoustic, folkie and full of life and knowledge. Acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki and voice and loads of energy. Joined on stage by Michelle on fiddle

Sat 12 noon – Quincan Café
Sun 3 pm – Quincan Café

Gypsy Rumble

Gypsy Rumble
– Brisbane
With Celtic, folk and bush dance traditions. The band’s enthralling, high energy performances are renowned for audience participation as they seamlessly blend artistry, showmanship and comedy

Sat 1.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 8.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 1 pm – Quincan Café
Sat 10.30 am – community Hall – SUPERJAM – workshop


Hot Ice

Hot Ice
– Cairns
This year they will present a tribute to the late Tom Petty. As a three piece these guys deliver close harmonies along with spirited playing to bring another dimension to these classic songs from the 70’s and beyond. Be sure to catch their set and relive the nostalgia

Sat 7 pm – Garden Stage


James Abberley

James Abberley
– WA
With his unique style of captivating weaving indi/roots and alternative sounds, Abberley’s vocal control and song composition is impressive. Do yourself a favour and catch one of WA’s premier musicians

Fri 10.15 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 10 am Quincan Café
Sun 10 am – Quincan Café – Festival SongCircle
Sun 2.15 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 3 pm – The Garden Vibe – workshop



Jimmy Bay
– SA
A true Australian blues/folk performer. His emotive and original songs are intersected with honest and sometimes humorously tragic stories from his travelling nomadic lifestyle

Sat 11.45 am – Gem Gallery
Sat 3.15 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 7.45 pm – Gem Gallery
Sun 10 am – Quincan Café – Festival SongCircle


Kate Burke & Luke Plumb

The Circuit
– Brisbane
Music of the folk revival re imagined by two of Australia most inventive exponents of the tradition.
Kate and Luke bring their formidable instrumental skills, strong vocals and creative minds to making groove-based, complex interpretations of traditional songs

Fri 8 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 2 pm – Quincan Cafe


Laurie La

Laurie La
– Brisbane
With lilting vocals, rhythmic guitar and melodic harmonica, Laurie captures audiences with his generous presence and startling honesty as he sings and plays, telling stories we can all relate to. Combining traditional Irish, old time, and blues with his own sought-after guitar style

Sat 12.30 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 2.15 pm Gem Gallery
Sat 4.45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 12.30 pm – St Mark’s Church – workshop


Littmus Steampunk Band

Littmus Steampunk Band– Townsville
A mix of tunes from the Age of Airships. All delivered by adventurers impeccably dressed in the grand style of 19th century London incorporating original music in the folk/pop/cabaret vein from a time that could have been

Sat 2.15 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 9 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sun 1.30 pm – Garden Stage


Little Wise

Little Wise
– Vic
Lifting her audiences two inches off the ground, melting hearts with her sound and her song writing. Slinging her guitar, she fuses classic sounds with a good dose of Melbourne swagger. Little Wise taps into music that runs deep, creating something entirely her own

Sat 12.45 pm Quincan Café
Sat 3 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sun 10 am – Quincan Café – Festival Song Circle
Sun 11.30 am – Quincan Cafe
Sun 12.30 pm – The Garden Vibe – workshop


Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles
Led by Chilean freedom fighter Segundo Nitor, Los Caracoles are known to have everyone on their feet with their authentic Latin rhythms. They tell stories through their music about social challenges, the environment, immigration, love, ordinary heroes and just pure fun

Sat 3 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 8 pm – Community Hall
Sun 4.30 pm – Pub Ballroom


Luke Plumb and the Circuit

The Circuit
– Vic
Grounded in traditional music, driven by dance rhythms and highlighted by sparkling interwoven melody and improvisation. “Enough imagination and innovation to inspire a new generation… folk music of breathtaking originality”

Fri 11 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 11.30 am – Pub Ballroom
Sun 11.45 am – Pub Ballroom
Sat 4 pm – The Garden Vibe – workshop


Lucky Phil

Lucky Phil
– Cairns
Presenting a strong vocal performance with acoustic and slide guitar, punctuated with strong harmonica solos. Phil’s lyrics reflect the environment and the people of Far North Queensland

Fri 7 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 7 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sun 10 am – Curtain Fig Stage
Sun 12 noon – Curtain Fig Stage – workshop


Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jack
– Cairns
A fatal heart attack, a resuscitation, cancer, a broken elbow, surgery that caused almost total paralysis of a hand, a non-fatal heart attack and a shattered wrist. And that’s since their last tour! Give up? Not this mob! This year in technicolour, with all their bits intact

Sat 8 pm – Pub Ballroom – Redemption set
Sun 12.15 pm – Gem Gallery

Miriam Lieberman Trio

Miriam Lieberman Trio
Infusing her love of nature, and West African rhythms into her songs, Miriam inspires a feeling of bold wanderlust. Original music and three-part vocal harmonies played on kora accompanied by soaring violin parts

Fri 7 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 2 pm – TAFE Stage
Sat 9 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 12:45 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 11 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop


Noel Gardner & Alex Bridge

Noel Gardner Alex Bridge
Noel & Alex have the capacity to touch people’s hearts with their combination of Award-Winning songs and unique ability of their voices to harmonise so beautifully. Their sensitive music paints pictures with imagery and sound and reflects upon social justice and our lives in an insightful way

Fri 7.45 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 12.30 pm – Gem Gallery
Sun 10.15 am – Curtain Fig Stage
Sun 2.30 pm – St Mark’s Church – workshop


Open Season

Open Season
– Brisbane
Boot stompin’ hootin’ and hollerin’ old-fashioned fun. Open Season is a mix of traditional and modern country paired best with a spilled beer

Fri 9 pm – Community Hall
Sat 10 am – Garden Stage
Sat 9 pm – Community Hall

Peter Willey

Peter Willey
A seasoned stand-up comedian, singer and guitarist with an arsenal of stories, jokes, impressions, poems, original songs and parodies who draws his inspiration from the suburban wastelands. His routines are witty and insightful and have not been tested on animals

Sat 10.45 am – Quincan Café
Sat 12.30 pm Pub Ballroom
Sat 4 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 11 am – Nick’s Restaurant – workshop


Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson
– Tablelands
With a unique, rich voice singing a diverse selection of covers in genres ranging from Blues to Ballads, Country, Jazz and Pop.

Sat 10.15 am – Curtain Fig Stage

Shirley Lynn

Shirley Lynn
– Cairns
Shirley will share with you a performance of songs inspired by windows to the mind including award winning songs and her latest release.  Her songs of positivity and experiential style explore ideas, storytelling prowess, love and life lenses for conscious living.

Fri 7 pm – Gem Gallery
Fri 8.30 pm Curtain Fig Stage



An expressive voice and a natural affinity for guitar, live performance brings this songwriter’s introspection, playfulness and raw passion to life. Blurring the lines between singing and spoken word, STAV is totally at home on stage. Captivating

Fri 8.30 pm – Gem Gallery
Sat 10.45 am – Pub Ballroom
Sat 3 pm – Quincan Café
Sun 10 am – Quincan Café – Festival SongCircle


Sunny Ray

Sunny Ray
Creating soul sustaining heartfelt music to sooth and inspire. With themes about nature, the beauty of life, love, and being human. Sunny’s music is a catalyst for deeper connectedness, positive change and emotional healing

Sat 1.30 pm – Quincan Café
Sat 11 am – Gem Gallery
Sun 3.45 pm – Quincan Café
Sat 3.30 pm – Health & Wellness Fair – workshop


Toshi Sakamoto

Toshi Sakamoto
– Kuranda
A singer-songwriter based in Kuranda. Originally from Japan, Toshi plays acoustic guitar, adding his words and melody

Fri 9.15 pm – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 10 am – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 11.45 am – Curtain Fig Stage


The Montgomery Brothers

Now residing in Melbourne, we welcome the boys back to FNQ. With each member from distinctly complimentary musical families, the at times rapturous and fiercely talented three piece generate moments of soul, blues and RnB that delightfully belie their youth

Fri 9.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 10 pm – Garden Stage
Sun 2.30 pm – Pub Ballroom


Uncle Laurie Padmore

Uncle Laurie Padmore
An Aboriginal perspective on post history in Yungaburra regarding events that impacted on the lives of its recipients, along with an information sharing session covering language names of local flora and fauna, artefacts, and a creation story incorporating our wonderful Festival Puppet, “Djanggaburru”

Sat 12.15 pm – Health & Wellness Fair
Sun 11 am – Health & Wellness Fair
Sun 2 pm – Fringe Stage


Celebrating the beauty of Acappella songs from all over the world, including songs from Africa, Macedonia and Papua New Guinea, alongside Gospel and contemporary songs from closer to home

Sat 11 am – Curtain Fig Stage
Sat 4 pm – Curtain Fig Stage – Megachoir with BellaCappella




XENOS play the music of the Gypsies of Macedonia, driven by subtle complex and captivating rhythms, woven through with seductive sax solos in mysterious and evocative scales. Liquid gold saxophone, zurna takes you to forgotten realms, songs of love and death in Rom. XENOS steals your heart and feet – the music of the Balkan Roma

Fri 11 pm – Pub Ballroom
Sat 7 pm – Community Hall
Sun 2.30 pm – Garden Stage
Sat 12 noon – Community Hall – workshop 1
Sun 10.30 am – St Mark’s Church – workshop 2
Sun 11.30 am – The Garden Vibe – workshop 3