September Janggaburru Sessions

2018-08-JanggaburruThe Littmus Steampunk Band are a band of castoffs let go from around the world. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the authorities get wind of them. A ragtag bunch of time travellers from the great Victorian Age of Exploration and Invention spreading the word about the joys of steam powered machines made of wood, brass and clockwork gears.

A mix of electro-acoustic folk ballads and tunes from the Age of Airships all delivered by adventurers impeccably dressed in the grand style of 19th century London.

The Littmus Steampunk Band are:
The Red Gentleman (Acoustic Guitar, Main Vocals and Songwriter) :
Your narrator and an inveterate gambler and con-man who travels the world by wooing people with music to be able to keep up his bad habits. Money is always needed and nothing is ever done by him without a benefit to his wallet. He is well dressed and always keeps a deck of cards close at hand.
Harbottle Grimstone (Congas, Ukulele) An explorer that travels deep and darkest Africa, not looking for the origins of man but looking for the origins of robots as he is convinced that they arrived first on this planet and that humans were a by-product of weird experiments that they would conduct.
Sgt Mungo Stoker (Guitar), our airship engineer and all-round good guy. Was found by Harbottle Grimstone in a large mansion living in the Gobi Desert by himself. Has a way with all things mechanical and the things he does with watch gears would make your eyes tear up. With his rugged good looksand derring-do the women all flock around him.
Miss Ruby Snow is a Sky Pirate Queen and Burlesque dancer of great renown. She has travelled the world plundering men’s wallets with the greatest of ease. Over the years she has settled down a little bit and is now a reformed Sky Pirate Queen (yeah right). She has been quoted as saying though that men are just puddles under her pirate boots. Make of that what you will.
– Drummer, Sir Matthew Cogsmith, who goes under the name of “The Watchmaker”. He has recently arrived in the land of Australia from Europe where he was the watchmaker for European royalty. He was very influential in the royal circles and has made many subtle changes to European politics over the years that you were probably unaware of.

The Littmus Steampunk Band together make music in the shape of quirky folk/ cabaret style. Playing original songs impeccably dressed to impress in the grand tradition of the Victorian Age this is quite obviously a band of ne’re do wells who don’t take themselves too seriously.

They play music for the masses to enjoy.

Music to bring people close to them.

Music to challenge even the hardiest of souls.

Watch and hear them at your peril!

Janggaburru Sessions
Yungaburra Hotel Saturday September 22

  • Verandah Folk Music Jam Session from 3 pm
  • The Littmus Steampunk Band in Concert from 7.30 pm

2018 Tablelands Folk Festival – October 26-28. Festival Early Bird Weekend Tickets on sale HERE.



Each year we marvel at the quality, diversity and talent that is the essence of what makes this festival so special, and each year it redefines us.

A folk festival gives participants and attendees an opportunity to express their differences and celebrate their unity with the Tablelands Folk Festival promise of magic-through-music being delivered year after year.

This festival is now a part of the DNA of this wonderful township of Yungaburra (Janggaburru) and reinforces its rich cultural traditions as well as new and innovative music and art.

The Festival recognizes the role the Organising Committee and all of our volunteers play in producing such a wonderful event that means so much to the community and leads the way in celebrating and profiling music and culture.

The accolades from 2017 were enormous, and we’d truly like to thank every single person who has volunteered at Tablelands Folk Festival during the past 38 years, this event is for you.

The 2018 Festival is a celebration of all things ‘green’.

We’ve introduced a no bottled water policy and provide every performer and volunteer a re-fillable water pouch.

Through not for profit organisation ‘Who Gives a Crap’ we’re providing every camper their own personal roll of toilet paper – made from recycled paper and fully bio-degradable.  ‘Who Gives a Crap’ donate 50% of all profits to improving sanitation in developing countries around the world and we’re proud to be associated with them.

We’re encouraging the businesses and shops around Yungaburra to ‘Go Green’ on Festival weekend.

We’re introducing plastic and aluminium recycling cages around the town in line with the soon to be introduced Queensland Government refund scheme.

Many Festival performers focus their song writing on environmental issues and we’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

With the serenity of the rainforest, mountains and crater lakes as a backdrop, the heritage village of Yungaburra comes alive with internationally renowned acts performing alongside emerging local talent in a variety of venues throughout the Village.

From the big stage to the more intimate and casual, everyone is sure to find music to lift their spirits, freshen their mind and get their toes tapping.

Mark your calendar for 26-28 October and bring your family and friends for a weekend of magic through music.

Bronwyn Hodgkins, 2018 Festival Program Director

Tablelands Folk Festival Rated One of Australia’s ‘Top Music Festivals of 2018’

Tablelands Folk Festival has been selected as one of the ‘top music festivals of 2018’ by Flightnetwork, Australia’s leading travel agency. Here’s what they had to say about us:

Folk lovers and free spirits unite in Yungaburra when Tablelands Folk Festival comes to town. A vibrant and imaginative festival, Tablelands features incredible musicians, spanning genres from folk and world music to blues, swing, gypsy jazz, and rock. The uniqueness of the village itself is brought to life in a new way with a celebration of music, friendship, culture, and the arts.”

For over 35 years, Tablelands Folk Festival has been a volunteer-run platform for the creative spirit of artists and musicians from all different genres, providing a fun and safe environment for everyone to come enjoy. It’s run of, by, and for people who love music, and the power it can provide to our communities. So we thank Flight network again for including us, and look forward to welcoming newcomers in October!