Stalls Policy & Guidelines

All inquiries regarding stalls must be directed to the Stalls Coordinator


This document covers all areas with being a stallholder at the Tablelands Folk Festival (TFF) and outlines the responsibilities of both stallholders and festival organisers. When you apply to the festival, you are agreeing with all the terms and conditions of being a stallholder outlined in this document. TFF works directly with Tablelands Regional Council to establish procedures to support our stallholders, the festival, and the local community.

Hundreds of festival patrons enjoy the diversity on offer in a friendly, village-like atmosphere and the TFF has an ongoing commitment to holding a festival that offers patrons a unique experience. The TFF strives to produce a Festival that is successful and sustainable for all participants. Preference will be given to applicants who match the same general criteria for our selection of musical performers, i.e. We aim, where possible, to bring you an artisan at work, with original and handcrafted items.


Market stalls are set up in Maude Kehoe Park, Yungaburra. Market stalls will be accessible to all TFF patrons and will be situated in proximity to the Festival activities occurring in the park (e.g., Children’s Festival, The Fringe Stage).

Stalls Options Overview -There are a range of stall options available at the Festival

1. Retail and Service Stalls

Retail stalls are those who sell handmade, home-grown or resale goods to the public. Service stalls are those which provide patrons with an on-the-spot service e.g., massage/tarot card readings.

2. Not-for-profit Stalls
Volunteers make the world go round! Not-for-profit organisations are those engaged in activities for a charitable, cultural, education, social welfare, sporting or recreational purpose.

3. Food Stalls – selling food or beverages
This includes all stalls providing food and/or beverage to Festival Patrons. The TFF takes pride on the quality and variety of foods available at the festival and on the efficiency and standards of the food stall operators. The TFF aims to provide patrons with a wonderful array of foods, representative of both local and international communities.

Food Stalls will need to be licensed, Insured, and registered for a food premises operator with Tablelands Regional Council and follow the Qld. Food Safety Standards (which are available on the web at


TFF prides itself on being a green festival. Stalls will be required to comply with the festival’s waste management practices (the TFF is aiming towards maintaining a sustainable environment). Preference will be given to stalls that use recyclable and/or bio-degradable material where possible. This includes: packaging and carry bags, food and drink containers, cutlery, etc. You will be required to outline your style of packaging when applying to the festival.

There will be a rubbish skip available on site. Directions will be provided upon arrival at the festival. Please use this to dispose of any waste generated and do not use the smaller bins that reserved for patron use.

Food stalls are instructed to use the Yungaburra RV Sanitary Dump Point on Mulgrave Road for all liquid waste. Liquid waste is not to be tipped into the Yungaburra township gutters or sinks.

Stall Selection Criteria

Stall selection is based on quality, variety and presentation. There is a section to upload photos of your stall on the application form.

i. All stallholders must comply with TFF Stall Guidelines. Preference is given to those who follow correct procedures, including promptness of application & payment.

ii. Stalls that are bright and festive, with clean presentation and interesting appearance are highly valued.

iii. Quality of stock & suitability to TFF.

iv. Level of professionalism and experience.

Stall Fees
+ $10 per power point
3m wide
x 3m deep
Additional frontage
(per metre)
6m wide
x 3m deep
Additional frontage
(per metre)
Retail/Service  $50$15$100$15
Food  $100$30$200$30
Not for Profit

(These fees may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the TFF Management Committee).

Upon acceptance of application, an invoice with payment details will be provided. Direct Credit is preferable although cheques and cash are accepted.

Full fee payment must be received prior to the Festival.


1. Selection Notification after 1st September
Each year, we expect to receive more applications for stalls than can be accommodated. Some stalls are not accepted mainly for reasons of duplication. Non-acceptance is not always a reflection on your standard or applicability. Please note that some quality applications may be rejected. No correspondence will be entered into. 

2. Cancellation
If the stall holder wishes to cancel this contract after notification. the Festival organisers reserve the right to retain 50% of the total site fee. 

3. Stall Site & Size
When deciding what stall site size you require, include your entire stall including all ropes and awnings. If you arrive at the Festival and your stall is bigger than what you indicated you will not fit. You may be asked to reduce the size of your stall. We understand stalls come in all shapes & sizes & we will do our best to accommodate your stall as per your application. The Stall Coordinator’s decisions at the time of the festival will be final. 

4. Stall Site Boundaries
Stalls shall not extend their displayed goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site. It is not acceptable for stall holders to encroach onto the walkways with their racks or displayed goods. The Stalls Coordinator, or authorized Festival representative, has the right to move stock items from the designated walkway in the interest of public safety. 

5. Power
Limited power is available for stalls. While every effort will be made to supply your Stall with desired power, actual power allocation to stalls is at the discretion of the Festival. Stallholders need to supply their own electrical leads for the first 25metres of supply, however the Festival retains the right to ban use of Stallholders leads that are not Current safety tested and tagged. Preference will be given to those food stalls who use gas. If you do, please state it on your application. Generators will not be allowed. Noise Spillage may be dealt with under Item 13 above. If totally self-powered, stall fee will be charged as unpowered. 

6. Vehicles
You may park one car sized vehicle behind a designated vehicle stall, it will not be permitted to move for the duration of the festival from 5pm Friday until 4pm Sunday. Indicate your request for a vehicle space on the application form. There are limited spaces available for vehicles, so requests are not always met. All vehicle movements within the park for the purposes of unloading and loading of your stall goods or set up, are only allowed outside the above-mentioned times. Please provide an image of your vehicle on the application form (even if it is only for unloading and loading). Due to the small size of the park, some vehicles will struggle to fit. 

7. Duplication of services
No stalls are allowed to sell coffee out of respect for the local businesses already serving coffee in Yungaburra. Stalls will not be accepted if their services are too similar to those of a business already established in Yungaburra. 

8. Trading Times
Stallholders may operate throughout the festival hours of operation, or at the discretion of the Festival Stalls Manager. Festival hours of operation are: Friday 5pm – midnight, Saturday 10am – midnight, Sunday 10am – 5pm. Set up must be before 5pm Friday and pull down after 4pm Sunday. No stallholder vehicles movement will be permitted outside the above times of operation. If you choose to trade after dark, please provide your own lighting (solar/battery powered preferred due to limited power availability in the park). 

9. Alcohol Ban
Stalls are not permitted to serve or supply alcohol. 

10. Workers’ Compensation
If you are employing people to work on your stall, you must have WorkCover for your staff. WorkCover Queensland web site has all the details. 

11. Rain
Some years we experience rainy days and unprepared stalls have a hard time. It is important to ensure that you have decent flooring and a wet weather contingency plan for your stock. The Stall Holder is responsible for any loss or damage of stock. 

12. Noise spillage
Use of amplifiers or loud speakers by stallholders is prohibited except with prior written consent from the Stalls Coordinator. The Stalls Coordinator, or authorised Festival representative, has the right to set the volume level of any noise emanating from the stall. Stallholders are not permitted to employ, contract or program any performer or performance without prior permission from the TFF Program Director. 

13. Visual
Appearance is important. The organisers aspire to improve the overall quality of the Festival every year. Camping tents are not considered suitable for use as a stall. We will not permit the use of marquees with ‘trade logos’ (e.g., Ford, LJ Hooker, Coca Cola, etc). You are encouraged to be extra imaginative and colourful in your stall presentation. 

14. No Camping
Camping in the park where the stalls are located contravenes council by-laws. Stall holders should discuss any security concerns with the Stalls Coordinator. 

15. Right of Veto / Offensive Goods
The organisers of the Festival retain the right to enter upon the site of any exhibitor at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which TFF management considers is either not eligible for display or considered offensive. (e.g., dangerous toys or illegal products.) 

16. Disagreement
In the event of un-resolved disagreement between the organisers of the Festival and a Stallholder, where a satisfactory compromise cannot be reached, the Stallholder’s continued presence will be at the discretion of the Festival Management. No fees will be refunded, and no correspondence entered into.