What did you think of the 2020 festival? Tell us more:

Just a brief note to acknowledge the fantastic effort and outcome for this year’s festival. We joined the organisation and attended our first festival last year and both rejoined and attended our second festival this year. FANTASTIC!! We’ve booked accommodation for 2021 already!
Sue and I like to think of ourselves as “lifters” and would love to be more active members but living in Ingham makes that difficult. Anyhow if there are ways that we can contribute (beyond paying our dues😁), let us know.
Have a good meeting Saturday week and please convey our appreciation to all the worker members for the great 2020 festival; against the Covid odds!!
Regards, Ian and Sue

Thanks so much for having us this year – we had a great time ❤️ The Hillbilly Goats

Another great festival, well done to everyone. Thank you 🙏😜🤪🥰
Tanya Veld and Danny Simony

Thanks so much for having The Mouldy Lovers at this year’s festival. We had a blast as usual and were so impressed with how you managed to pull off such a great event despite all the obstacles with COVID etc.
The mouldies wish you all the best for the future and hope the festival can return next year at full capacity!

Thank you for the work and the very best for TFF2021.
Lucky Phil

It was a great experience to perform at the Tablelands Folk Festival 2020
Thank you for all your support and the opportunity. I hope that we can look forward to working with you again in the future.
Cachicamo Latin Harp

Thanks for using Dave Cook and myself to do the production in the pub ballroom again this year, had some great music over the three days.
I must mention the way the program is set out. Every year there is general confusion about start and finish times, for the MC’s and the public. It’s not easy to interpret where the time shown in the left-hand column should line up with the events in the other columns. For the first time this year, I’ve cracked the code and realize the time refers to the line projecting from the centre of the box. I think I’m one of the few who have worked this out, but to most people I have spoken to, it remains unclear how the time shown in the box relates to the other columns. Perhaps you could work out a simpler and more obvious way to indicate times. Look forward to next year’s TFF.
Cheers. Dave Hart

Thank you SO much for having me perform at the festival. I loved singing for everyone and received some really great feedback and plenty of requests for a CD from people in the crowd. Looking forward to next year.
Cheers, Talitha Power

Congratulations, on what I thought was a very successful Tablelands Folk Festival, especially considering the difficult year this has been. Thanks again for having me up at Yungaburra. Great festival indeed, most enjoyable.
All the best… Gar Mac LEMAN

I thought the festival was brilliant! Congratulations on putting it together in such uncertain circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed performing at the festival once again and had overwhelming feedback.
Cheers, Robert Cini.

What a festival!
From all Cairns Voice Studio students, and myself, we would like to say a BIG Thank You for the opportunity to perform at the festival. The students had a blast, and feedback was awesome from TAFE guys, and audience. Ella Hartwig and Danielle Davis, emerging artists whom I coach and mentor won The Encouragement Award, and Emerging Songwriter Award. So chuffed.
I would love to be more involved for 2021, and hopefully no clashes.
Hope you are able to relax this week. You deserve it!!
Keesha & students- Cairns Voice Studio I am ready to dig in… ❣️😆

Thanks again for helping out with Toby, it really means a lot

Thanks for all your help and guidance Bronwyn. We had a blast, and the MC work was fun and well set out. I hope your workload is settling down and you enjoy some down time for now! Congratulations on running such a fabulous event! See you next year when i hope to sing, laugh and help if needed at TFF again!
Kind regards Neil, Chug’s leader, Us and Him band member, All round weird egg!

Thanks for having me and Chris play and it was run very well, and all had a refreshing festival experience. Andrew was the cream alright and he is always welcome so I’m grateful for your foresight as a musical match.
Until next time Bronwyn take care and well done!
Thanks , David Flower

Thanks for an awesome festival!!!
Thanks, Davy Simony

Thank you very much for giving me the spots to play at the festival. I really appreciate that. I’m looking forward to seeing you next time and playing again in the area.
Thank you and have a great day.
Regards, Toshi Sakamoto

Congrats on a wonderful festival.
Cheers, Ted and Carolynne Burns

Thanks again for having The Long Johns @ Tablelands Folk Festival! We had an awesome time, it’s a beautiful festival! Many thanks for making this year’s folk festival happen. We had such great time. It is a shame to make special mention but for me “String Family” saw them twice. Pam would have gone to every one of the ‘Hillbilly Goats” but went for the first time to their last session and I dragged her away just before the hail. Fortunately, she was still on a high from the “super jam” on Sat morning. One could go on. We have already booked accommodation for next year. All the Ingham crew that were with us are of similar mind.
Please pass on to your volunteers our thanks for a job well done. We would still be chatting about it if Pam was not working at the Paluma Environment Centre for the rest of the week.
Best wishes also for Saturday. “Come the revolution!”
Peter and Pam

Thanking you so much I had a great weekend. And thank you for all your hard work
Cheers Carinda

We had a great time, and it was a great festival btw.
Timothy James Wright.

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you for having me play as part of Tablelands Folk Festival. This was my first folk festival experience, and it was one that I will remember always – I dearly hope I have the opportunity to come back again sometime.
Madelaine McCaw (Hello Jane)

The end of another great festival. Well done to you, Mick and all the committee especially for this one. Everyone was keen for a hit of live music that’s for sure and we got a good dose of it. 😊 It was a great festival and a great accolade to you, Mick and your main organisers for having the courage and commitment to forge ahead during the time of Covid. It certainly was well received by all who I spoke to.
Personally, I felt it had such a lovely vibe with less people there. It’s always been a great festival though, any which way.
– Shirley Lynn

It was a Great weekend. We loved being a part of it and all of the great volunteers you have in your camp. Thanks. Hugs.
Mary and Robin

I’m just getting in touch to leave some feedback for this year’s festival. I’m a bit unimpressed in all honesty, I think you made available too many tickets for what your actual capacity was. Most bands/artist’s that I went to see I was unable to because the venue was at capacity. The majority of my time was not spent listening to music, but rather traipsing the length of the festival trying to get into venues. It was extremely draining, and infuriating being constantly met with full house signs. Many other people I spoke with also felt the same. I understand this has been a trying year, but I would consider offering a partial refund to your attendees or a discount for the coming year.
Regards, Gemma Haynes

Thanks again for an amazing weekend! We always love being a part of it when we get the chance.
Cheers, Dale, Benny & The Clones

Thank you so much for having us play the festival again we had a ball!! Huge congratulations to you all for putting it together in these bizarre times!!
All the best Joe (Gypsy Rumble)

Firstly I just wanted to say a personal thank you for having me play at the festival and for also allowing my manager Ry to come and watch my last performance and also Katie who’s.. .Thanks you so very much I really appreciated it. Once again thanks for having me play and congratulations on a fantastic festival, especially through such a hard time!
Cheers, Tess

Sorry can’t make the debrief and the slushies as I’ll be at Watsonville River Sessions volunteering. Just a couple of small things that may be worth mentioning.
• Spoke with a disability carer who suggested that the volunteers may not have been briefed on the whereabouts of the disability toilet key being
• A small sign with the performing artist name to be displayed whilst they’re performing (no biggy – was just a group conversation).
Have a good time at the debrief
Cheers, xLaurette

What an enjoyable weekend! Thanks for having us.
With kindest regards, Lauren Butler​ – Whiskey Boat

Thank you 🙏😜🤪🥰
Danny Simony and Tanya Veld